Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Sunday, December 28, 2008

San Antonio Texas

We had such a great time in Vegas! Saying that Phantom was AMAZING is an under statement. The stuff that they do with the stage blows your mind away. I don't want to give anything away for those who would like to see it just know its awesome. The strip is a scary place now. Next time we go to Vegas we are going to avoid walking down the strip because they have pole dancers in every hotel/ casino window. We ate at Planet Hollywood the first night and they had a stage in the middle of the casino for some strippers/pole dancers (I felt bad for all the young cheerleading groups that were there). They even had them next to the elevators in our hotel. We stayed at the Mirage. Also, I think that the buffets have gone down hill. We ate at the Winn because it got the best reviews and it was really expensive and not that great ( We were disappointed because we waited an hour). The Paris buffet blows now according to most use to be good. Oh well, Phantom was amazing and shopping was fun.

Now we are in Murrieta for the holidays. ITS BEEN SO NICE TO BE HOME!! We had a great Christmas. Its so nice to just relax and visit with both our families and friends. We do not want to go back to Utah!! We went to the Melting Pot again... this time with Adam's family. We did the whole appetizer, entree, and dessert this time. It was all pretty good but the dessert is the best part FYI. This happened on friday. Then we came over to my house and my brother opened his mission call...he is going to San Antonio Texas!!!!!! We are all so excited. He leaves in 8 weeks :) This is our most recent news. Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We are spoiled

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to see Phantom of the Opera in Vegas on the 20th! :) We got such good seats too! We are sitting in the middle of the Golden Circle, twelve rows back from the stage. We are spending two nights in Vegas so we can enjoy the strip and SHOP! (This is our AWESOME Christmas present from both of our parents) SCORE!

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