Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mine to Keep Forever!

This man right here is mine forever, and I couldn't be happier :) We celebrated our 3 year anniversary, a couple weeks ago, and it has made me reflect on how lucky I am for an eternal marriage to the sweetest man alive. I love him more than words could discribe, honestly. He makes me a better person, and teaches me so many things each day. My heart is just full of gratitude for such a wonderful husband. Think of every single quality you would want in a husband, and Adam seriously has all of those and more. There is not ONE single thing I wished he did differently, or would want to change about him. He is always there for me, and works so hard! We work together as a team in all areas. Loving him is just so natural. I could never get sick of this man. He is my everything, and it seems like eternity is not long enough. Our life together is just so wonderful, and I cherish all the time we spend together. I only wish we were able to spend more time together. Its starting to get tough having him gone 3 weeks out of the month. I have been missing him a lot lately.

How we decided to celebrate our 3 year anniversary this year....

Beaumont Ranch out in Grandview Texas

This is their little town that they have built to look like an old western town. They have a blacksmith, gun show, bar, shops, and a saloon

Our Room


ChuckWagon Dinner:

Steak, Peppers, Corn on the Cobb, Potatoes, Salad, Cobbler

Gun Show

ATV adventure

Not the best picture. I took this with my camera phone while stopped at a red light


First group of pictures are from our Rose Petal Package out at Beaumont Ranch. We wanted to go on their zipline, because they have the longest zipline in Texas. I was the only girl out of our group of 10 who did the zipline. It was really fun! You just basically hang there, and when its time to stop you put your right hand against the line to slow down.

We also did their ATV adventure. It was not a flat land tour by all means. There was barely any flat land at all. We were barely fitting between trees, and going through creek beds and revines. We caught air going up one of the last hills. Its a good thing I am a tomb boy! The tour guide told us that we better follow him exactly cuz if not, we could get hurt. He said one guy landed with the bike on top of him, and that it wasn't fun getting it off of him. I definitely made sure I did everything the guide did.

We had an awesome time and met another couple named Holly and Adam celebrating their anniversary as well...what are the odds of that? We had fun hanging out with them. We hijacked a couple golf carts and took a tour of the ranch.

Adam got me a wrap for my ring as an anniversary gift!!! :) Love it!

The last few pictures are from when we went out to dinner on the night of our anniversary. We tried one of the best rated places in Fort Worth, and were not that impressed. Having dessert at Simply Fondue made up for it! They gave us a cheesecake since we were celebrating our anniversary, and we don't drink.

Its been a great 3 years....the best 3 years :) We had fun celebrating for sure!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello, blog world

I never make the time to blog anymore, so our daily adventures or weekend activities don't get documented on here. We have been doing fun things though! I will make time to blog about our upcoming anniversary and my sisters wedding, so stay tuned!

For now I just wanted to blog about a few things (RANDOM things)

Charlie thinks he owns the place. 

Adam and I are Outback fans, but the Starrs have turned us into Salt Grass fans. Its a little more upscale than Outback. We ironically went to Outback with them a couple weekends ago, instead of Salt Grass. We have only been to Salt Grass twice so far. We took the missionaries there one of the times a few weeks back. I like their filet and coconut shrimp better than Outbacks. I like Outback's Sirloin better though. You can't really beat the Outback special. Their sirloin (pictured above) is still pretty darn good though.

Gina and Aaron invited us to go to this comedy club a few weekends back, and we had a good time. I laughed through the whole show. I want to see Brian Regan live again. I forget how much I love good old stand up comedy. Downtown Fort Worth is a nice area. There are tons of things to do downt there, so I am sure Adam and I will be making more trips out there.

This movie was better than I expected. They did a good job with the computer graphics, and it actually got to my emotions. It is worth seeing. Kara and Thomas invited us to go see it last weekend, and we all enjoyed it.

I am a huge fan of gel manicures!!! I got a mani and pedi on Tuesday with Erica, and I love how it turned out. Its more on the pricey side, but seems to be worth it so far.

I am also a fan of purse holders, and key finders. They make life so much easier! I have had a really cute purse holder for a while, but I just bought a purse finder today. I am always digging for my keys, but I wont have to worry about that anymore!!!

I love my hair dresser out here! I am getting my hair done next weekend :)

I have so many cosmetic products that I LOVE. I will save that for another post.

Happy Friday everyone!

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