Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ready for summer

Yesterday, I decided to try out a cycling class at the gym. Oh my gosh was it intense! My butt is killing me. My legs are not as sore as I thought they would be today. However, when I was done with the class, I got off the bike one leg at a time, and the first leg that touched the floor collapsed. I almost fell, kinda embarrassing. It was definitely worth it. I look forward to going next week and trying out the hip hop class that is a couple hours later (b/c they have a new instructor). I had a gym membership last year, and loved going to the hip hop class because they had a REALLY good instructor. Around the time I got engaged, that instructor quit because he was moving. I was dissapointed with the new instructor and let that get in my way of going to the gym. I ended my membership but I decided I wanted it back recently. I need to get in shape! Summer is just around the corner. Its been in the 90's here in Utah. It already seems like spring is gone.

I am sooooo ready for summer because that means classes are over for me! Oh the joys. I only have 4 more weeks left.

Did I mention that my favorite show in the whole wide world started tonight. Its on commercial as I write this. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE BAYBEEE!!!!!!!!! I am a huge fan.

Also, I am in the mood to go swimsuit shopping. Does anyone know where I can get a cute tankini?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is going to take some getting use to

My sister has a BOYFRIEND! It seems like yesterday when she still hated boys. She would always talk about how all guys are horrible (including all those in the church) because they all like to look at nasty girls, whether on t.v., at school, the beach, etc. I never thought i would see the day because she still acts like a little girl, even though she is SUPER independent and confident with anything she does. Anyways, she looked amazing at her prom this past weekend, in a dress she ordered off ebay. I am happy that she has broken out of her shell in this area. It's just going to take some getting use to. Its super fun though having her call me and talk about what she should say to him, or telling me about all the kisses they give each other. She is going away to college in the fall. She better not come home with a ring on her finger! lol

Sunday, May 3, 2009


First before I talk about Adam and I, I want to say that my little sister looked so beautiful last night. She went to her senior Prom with Austin, in one of my old dresses. My mom added on sleeves for her. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. That means I am getting old. She is going away to college next year and my mom is going to be an empty nester! WEIRD

I wanted to update some pictures, mainly for my lovely parents. My dad went to Cabella's last year and brought me home a Cabella's hat. He told me that I needed to go sometime to see Bambi. Bambi was my favorite movie when I was a little girl, infact, my first favorite movie. I watched it several times a day when I was two years old. So dad, I took a picture with Bambi just for you :) We went to Cabella's last weekend and decided to stop by IKEA after. We ate lunch there and it was super cheap, but not soo tastey. I only enjoyed their lingonberry juice. **We got fishing licenses while we were at Cabella's and Adam and I have gone out twice since then. I still haven't caught any fish yet. We apparently didn't get the memo for the right bait. So next time we go, we should be bringing some fish home!**

On to more exciting news....ok not for anyone but me. Here is the bathroom after Adam cleaned it for me. The cabinent is a little crowded it usually just has the fake orchids and picture on it. We bought a stereo for our ipod for when we take showers and go camping. We use it all the time so it's permanently found a home there. That is the lovely rose my husband left me, just because. He is so sweet :) Oh and yesterday we bought a new rug that totally matches our shower curtain, i love it because it is so soft on your feet.

Ok, and last but not least it was time to dye my hair. I know its spring and all and usually people go lighter, but I wanted to go darker. Its getting pretty long too. I think its time for a trim.

Here is the most recent pictures of me and my hubby! I love him so much. We took this yesterday before we went out to Red Robbin. I just love their seasoning on their fries. I am soo tempted to steal it each time we go.

Some actually exciting news. SO my husband is selling this spring/summer comcast so we can bring in some extra cash. Its pretty much a cake job cuz its cheaper than anything out here right now by A LOT. If you do minimum sales you average a little over 3,000 a month. He might work with his friend at Parks too which is not as exciting because its only 7.50 an hour plus commission (got to love Utah).....but you get free passes to all the ski resorts. I am not working cuz I am taking classes right now. Adam also has another job lined up (for the most part) after graduation where he will be making 50,000. This way we can start saving for a house before he jumps into grad school.

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