Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Day

I received these in the mail today :)
I got compliments on my watch, shirt, and sweater
Some cute lady told me I was such a sweet girl and
I got to see my Charlie baby!

I am really looking forward to the fact that my parents are flying in Thursday night and we are going to play all weekend!

p.s. San Antonio was fabulous! Will post pictures soon.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its that time again

Love relaxing and laying out by the pool on Saturdays.
I have skin like winter, so I am glad it is going to start getting some sun.

Adam snapped this pic with his phone, before we jumped in the pool.

I might have a few red patches on my arm tomorrow at church... apparently I don't know how to apply sunscreen evenly.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pictures that go with the last post

                            Cotton candy always makes me happy.
I am not sure if I liked the carne asada burrito or pizza better. They were both pretty good, for fair food.
Kids started playing after the adult competition
Kobe Bryant doesn't have very big hands or feet. We took these pics for my brother. He is a die hard Laker fan.
Glass Blowing

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mainly about my job and Mainstreet days

I haven't really been in the blogging world for the last couple weeks. As you all know, I got a job working for a chiropracter. I am technically a chiropractic assistant, but I handle all the office work (scheduling, calls, payment, etc) as well. I was thrown into a full time position last week. I got into work on Monday to find out that the Chiropractor's wife was in the hospital. She is pregnant and had some complications, so she is technically on bed rest for a while. I hope her and baby will be okay!!! She is so awesome! I am going to miss having her around. She was training me the week before, since I will be taking over her position once she has her baby.
When I came into work Monday I learned quickly how to do a lot of things. I think being thrown into something is the best way to learn. This full time position requires me to work 9-10 hour days most of the week. I have a commute ontop of that, so I leave for work around 7:15 and don't get home until just before 7. It's hard to want to cook when I get home because I am starving, so don't expect to see much on the food blog during the week. I've been eating quick stuff or leftovers mostly those nights. I work half days on Wednesday and Saturday which is nice. I tend to get most of my errands done during those days.
I sometimes go walking with friends at 8:30 pm and don't get home till around 10pm, because we usually walk 3 miles. Those days feel so busy because I work 10 hours, get home and cook/eat real quick and take Charlie for a walk, then leave to go walking. As soon as I get home, I get ready for bed.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this job though. It is like a night and day difference from my other job. The people I work for are seriously the nicest people. They impressed me so much when I interviewed for this position. I honestly didn't want to apply anywhere else, so I am glad it worked out.

The patients are so nice, and I enjoy helping them get better. I am in charge of going through exercises with the patients to help them strenghten whatever area/s have been injured. We see mostly athletes. I decided to do one of the exercises with one of the patients last week (like 90 shoulder raises) and man was I sore. I am thinking I should do some of the exercises with the patients instead of just observe to keep myself healthy. I probably wont though. ha.

I also help with the cold laser, and muscle stem. A lot of people swear by this stuff. Its nice when you find something that works for you. Anyways, its going well so far.

Mother's Day: My hunny made me a giant card out of a poster board. He is so sweet. I know I am not a mother yet, but he still likes to think of me on this holiday (he gets me a card every year). Of course, having a dog makes me feel like a mother at times.

This weekend we went to Mainstreet Days in Grapevine. It was really fun. They had carnival rides, fair food, and shops/booths all down mainstreet. They even had a basketball court and a shoot off which Adam and I took part of, and not bragging or anything, but I made it to the finals and it was between me and one other guy. Took a few rounds/elimations to get there. I went into the finals in the lead. Everyone was rooting for me because they knew I didn't play basketball, and I think just the fact that I was a girl made them want me to win even more. We tied a bunch of times, and then finally he beat me by one shot. I was actually embarassed by the end of it. I didn't want to shoot anymore, because the announcer kept saying he had his money on me, and kept telling met to focus. I guess I just didn't like the pressure. Even though the other guy won they gave me a prize too (a little basketball and towel). (:

We got our share of fair food: pizza, carne asada burritos, lemonade, and cotton candy. We looked at some paintings, listened to some bands play, watched some dancers perform, and went to a glass blowing shop where we watched guys make different ornaments and vases. We didn't see anything we wanted from the vendors. Adam tried to get me to weave some feathers in my hair, but I wasn't interested. After 3 hours there we called it a day. I could tell I was starting to burn, so we left and went and saw the movie Something Borrowed.

Can I just say that I was dissapointed with this movie. I was expecting it to be funnier, and I just didn't like the main characters. I thought they were boring, besides Kate Hudson of course. Her role was a little obnoxious, but I have always like her. The best part is when they are playing badminton. I love what Jim from the office says during that part. I liked his personality in this movie until the end -you will know what part I am talking about. I just wanted him to stop talking. It was getting so awkward.

Pictures for mainstreet days will be uploaded later. I didn't have my camera, so Adam took pics with his phone.

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