Friday, February 17, 2012

Our lovers day!

Adam and I wanted to have a low key Valentines day this year. We celebrated on Saturday, and didn't have all that much time because Adam had to prepare a talk for church, and I had to prepare for New Beginnings. We would have celebrated on Valentines Day, but my hubby was out of town. I tend to give Adam some type of homemade gift each year. This year his homemade gift was brunch...

I even made a vanilla cream sauce to go with it. I <3 pinterest!

Actually our lovers day was all centered around food. Are you surprised? ha

Papa Murphy's heart pizza

Adam always spoils me though. Every year he takes me to the movies to see a chick flick of my choice, and takes me out to dinner. Since we haven't had time for the movie yet that will come later. He is actually flying back into town tonight, and I am counting down the minutes. 9:00pm can not come sooner! We are SO in love, and its just awesome :) I have missed him.

 He decided to take me somewhere REALLY fancy this year. Let me just say, I am not one with expectations. I would be happy just staying in and spending time alone together with take out and hulu plus. With that said, I was very surprised. Adam didn't tell me beforehand where we were going. I had on jeans, and he hinted around that I might want to change. 

We pulled up right across the street from Ruth Chris, and I was excited because I thought we were going there. Nope, Ruth Chris apparently wasn't good enough. 

This is by far the best steakhouse I have ever been to:

First time having calamari, and it was actually really good.

This filet mignon was to die for. Every piece melted in my mouth. As I stare at this picture while I type, my mouth is watering and I am note even hungry.

The sides were even supper yummy

Of course, I had to get my favorite dessert.
I told you my hubby spoils me. It's okay, I let him sometimes :)

That smile on my face says it all. 

This hot hubby of mine is seriously SO great. I just love him so much. I loved that he let me take a nap before dinner, and that we are able to help each other with talks and lessons. We always share everything together, and give each other insights. I love when we get on gospel topics. The day seems so much more meaningful. He mentioned me twice in his talk, and it was just fun to hear my influence. We make a good team, I think. He is such a great speaker though, and he really doesn't need my help. We just like to include each other. He probably helps me more than I help him. I do not have that natural talent of being a great speaker, and I am okay with that.

More v-day stuff:

This was part of my other v-day gift. I told you our v-day was centered around food, haha.

My boss gave me a red velvet bundt cake from nothing bundt cakes. Isn't that sweet?!? It had chocolate chips in it with cream cheese frosting. It was very yummy! 

Okay, if you ever receive flowers from pro flowers, check the inside of the box. I just assumed these flowers were from my husband. I threw out the box, and called him to thank him. After I thanked him for the flowers, he laughed and told me he didn't send me flowers. I thought he was joking. Once I realized he wasn't joking, I started to freak out. Who else would send me flowers? I called my mom and she informed me that she hadn't sent me flowers either. I was feeling bad because I didn't know who to thank for the beautiful flowers, and I was a little scared I might have some secret admirer or something. When I got home from Zumba, I checked to see if the trash had come. Luckily it hadn't come yet. I pulled the box apart and found the card taped to the top of the middle of the box.

This nice note was inside:

As your husband is away on this Valentine's Day we wanted to thank you for all of your support. We appreciate you and your husband and are grateful that you are a "piece of the puzzle" and part of the DealerSocket family.
-With Love, DealerSocket.

Isn't that SO sweet. Adam's company sent me a dozen red roses, and they are gorgeous!

I think I got spoiled just a little, but I am not complaining. 

AND we are not even done celebrating... :)

We LOVE being in LOVE

The End

Saturday, February 4, 2012

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