Monday, June 25, 2012

Moving into our NEW house!

After weeks of paperwork, walk throughs, and patience, we are finally able to move into our new house! We have been pretty busy these last two months. Another Chiropractor was brought on in May, so I was extra busy managing the office for two chiropractors by myself. The office now has three women doing my job part time. I will miss the friendships I made at the office with all the patients, and miss the people I work for, but I will not miss working full time Mon-Sat. After this work week is over, I will be taking a LONG vacation from work. I am pretty excited about that. I need time to get settled into the house, and then I am flying out to CA to spend a couple weeks with my family :)

We close on Wednesday, and start moving this upcoming weekend. I wish we were done packing. We still have a ways to go on that. I just started packing the kitchen today. I have had lots of goodies to help me get through the packing, and I totally think it is worth any extra pounds I have put on. haha.

During the last two months we have enjoyed all these things:

Charlie's birthday was on the 23rd of this month. He is now 2 yrs old.

Father's Day!

Mother's day! My husband made me a home made card out of poster board. It was so sweet. The message inside made me cry (tears of joy of course). He is the sweetest guy ever.

I also enjoyed lunch dates with friends, a going away party, in door rock climbing for the first time (even though I almost fell to my death), Zumba with my favorite teacher (will miss her and my friends in that class), being showered with love and treats from my Beehive class (miss those girls already), and all the Sonic shakes after 8:00pm. Just shake it off! Looking forward to our new adventure out in McKinney.

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