Sunday, February 21, 2010

Disneyland (v-day) present

Adam surprised me with 2fer passes to Disneyland & California Adventure for Valentines Day. Adam's been wanting to go b/c the last time he went was in 8th grade (for 8th grade graduation). He hasn't been to California Adventure yet, so it will be fun to take him during his birthday next month.
Going on our favorite ride: Space Mountain. It was nice because we got there when the park opened so we didn't have to wait in any huge line. We wanted to go back on it at night, so we got fast passes. Our first ride was Pirates b/c its so classic.  

Adam's first time going on this boat ride resulted in pictures of the animals.

We enjoyed going on Indiana Jones. I was the driver and a little handicap boy sat next to Adam. He was wearing the whole Indiana Jone's attire. He kept screaming, "don't look into the eye." Then at the end of the ride he kissed an Indiana Jones figurine and yelled "YES" really loudly. ha. He was pretty cute.
I have always wanted one of those clam chowder bread bowls, so we had this snack a couple hours after eating our sack lunch. They now serve gumbo. They had a couple different flavors. We went with the steak gumbo. It was deliciously spicy.


We killed some time in toon town while we waited for our splash mountain fast pass time. By the time we went on splash mountain the sun had gone down. We got put in the front and got drenched. ha. It looked like we had peed our pants three times. It was okay b/c we went to our cars after that and got dinner and warmed up and put on warmer clothes.

We watched the parade. It wasn't that exciting. Not like I use to remember. I can't understand why two people I know are dancers there, and why another one is desperately trying to get on as one. Super corny and embarrassing was my reaction. Actually only one person I know dances there b/c the other one left b/c they didn't like how things were being run. They got a new director a while back. They should fire him or her, for everyone's sake.
Adam loves Starwars. Aren't these backpacks awesome!

They have the scoring backwards. I am player one! I am not competitive. lol
We had such a fun time together even though Disneyland is for kids. I am glad we were able to do something fun right before Adam starts work. He starts tomorrow at 9:30am. We bought him nice pants and stuff yesterday. He looks very handsome in his new outfit. We are excited. We will be doing more shopping later. Adam doesn't like to shop, so we have to do several short trips. lol. 

My mom just made her cinnamon rolls for Adam. We are excited they are almost done! They are to die for. 

We taught our primary class today for the first time. We just got called to teach the sunbeams. The girls are so cute. The boys are a handful :/. They are cute too though.  My parent's home teacher came over this afternoon. Two of his daughters are in our class. He said that they were excited about us being their teachers and that they told him and his wife that we didn't have any kids. lol. They asked us if we had any kids in class b/c Adam showed them a picture of Christ with children. That is funny that they remembered.

I can't wait for it to get warm again so we can go to the beach! We went to Oceanside on Monday before it got all cold and rainy again.

Love their fish and chips. We stopped here and then got some ice cream. I tried banana nut and enjoyed it very much. I love banana now and laters so that gave me incentive to try this new flavor.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Weekend

Our Valentines weekend started out by going to Josh and Tiffanie's sealing in the morning. It was so fun to be apart of their special day and to see their family. Their little boy Jaxon is so adorable!!! He was so perfect. He didn't fuss at all. It's been so long since we have seen each other. Tiffanie was probably my favorite babysitter when I was little. She always brought me treats. The carmel apple suckers were my favorite.

Then we went to Pat and Oscars for lunch. I love their breadsticks and greek salad. 

We drove home and picked up these jeans from the tailor. I won them off ebay. It was kinda an accident (because I bid thinking I had no chance of winning), so they ended up being my present to myself. I got them for a STEAL, so it was okay. :) 

I like to embarrass Adam. I made him take a picture with me in the theater. We went and saw Valentines Day right after we picked up my new jeans! It was a super cute movie. We both enjoyed it more than we thought we would.

We were in the mood for dessert after the movie, so we went and got some gelato before dinner. YUM! 

Those spoons on the left were used for testing all the flavors. I ended up getting carmel and Adam got butterfinger. Both were delicious. Then we went to Red Robbin after and split a hamburger.

We exchanged cards later on Saturday night and then on Sunday we enjoyed sees chocolate (my dad bought 2 pounds) and these sugar cookies I put together real quick. I have a really yummy icing recipe. I hate when icing is sicky sweet. The trick is to make it with 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract. It's perfect. Everyone asks about it.

Hope you all had a great Valentines weekend too!!! We sure did. Especially starting it out knowing Adam got the job he wanted. We are still super excited. I really want to get a dog when we get our own place!!! I have been puppy hungry for a long time now!

Friday, February 12, 2010


My husband got the job he wanted!!!!! He got the call tonight after we went out to dinner. He starts next Monday, and we will be relocating in 4 months. We are both SO excited =). I am looking forward to having MONEY, our OWN place, and living in a new state!! It will be great. I don't have to worry about finding a job down here which is another plus.

Tomorrow will be fun. We are going to Josh and Tiffanie's sealing in the morning, then celebrating part of our Valentines day tradition because we can't do it on Sunday.  I wish my camera hadn't got stolen or lost or whatever happened to it, so I could document it. Its been gone for 3 weeks now! Maybe I will borrow my parents camera? Anywhoo, I hope you all have a great Valentines weekend. Hopefully I will have some pictures up in my next post.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Whats on my mind

Its been 18 days since my first post about my exercise goal.Those of you on facebook know that I am still going strong. I have been writing down when I go to they gym to help keep me motivated. I could see how that might get annoying. My answer to that is simply ignore it. I am doing it for me, not for you. My goal is to have some buns of steal before summer. ha. The older we get the harder that goal gets.

My husband gets back on Tuesday. I have missed him so much. He had an interview in Utah last Tuesday for a pharmaceutical sales rep position. If he gets the job we could be moving to Washington. We will find out in about a week. He stayed up in Utah for his grandmother's 87th birthday party that was on Saturday. She isn't doing too well, so I am glad he was able to spend some time with her.

Have any of you been watching BYU basketball? They are doing so well this year. Adam and I went to a game before we moved down to CA. They played against Eastern Washington. The score was 91 to 34 (total blowout).  They were leading the nation in wins and had the second longest active winning streak before they lost to New Mexico by 4 points on Jan 27th. They are ranked 12 in the polls. They have won 21 games and lost 2 so far.

I am very excited about the super bowl this year. GO COLTS!!! I think the Saints are a really good team and if they win cool, but I think it would be even more amazing if the Colts won. Go Austin Collie!!! Got to support him since he played for BYU. Collie finished his rookie season in the NFL among the top statistical leaders for all rookies. He is tied for 1st along with Percy Harvin for the # of receptions caught this year. I like Peyton Manning as well.

For any cookie lovers out there...

I made some delicious oatmeal raisen cookies the other day for my dad. They are his favorite. I love baking them because they make the house smell like Christmas. If you are a fan of oatmeal raisen cookies you have to try this recipe. Out of 2512 rated reviews, almost every single person gave it five out of five stars. I am not a huge fan of this kind of cookie, but I love this recipe, and now this kind of cookie. ha.

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