Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 things

3 things I would like to share with you guys.

                                                 pics taken with my new phone :)
1) Many of you guys knew Nikki Hawks from church/High School. Well I thought I would share a picture of her adorable baby girl. I went to her baby shower on Friday. She looks so good. You can't even tell she just had a baby. It wasn't surprising though, b/c she has always been in good shape. It was fun to see her mom and sister as well. I hope when I have kids they are this tiny :) 

2) I had to share this video. It is freakin AWESOME. Adam seriously wants a pet lion now. ha. It's very cool. JUST WATCH!

                                 This was taken at Cassie and John's wedding reception on Saturday.

3) Last buy not least, I just had to give a shout out to my amazing husband. I seriously do not deserve him. At the shower I was asked how I felt about Adam, now that we have been married almost two years. I happily responded, "I am not going to lie, I still think he is perfect." A lot of people at the shower were talking about how important it is to marry someone who you think is almost perfect, b/c after a couple years you come to find that they are not so perfect and that marriage is a lot harder than it seems. The point was to tell the girls who were not married not to settle b/c it gets harder after the honeymoon is over, and all the responsibilities kick in. Well, my husband seriously is the sweetest guy. He is always thinking of others before himself. He is a hard worker. He is so smart. He could do anything he wanted, but money isn't important to him. He is very humble and a total family man. He would never put anything before me or his family. He loves making me happy and is always doing nice things for me. He gives me tons of compliments and takes time to notice the things I do.  He knows me better than I think I know myself. He always makes everything better. I have never once in our entire marriage needed space, or time away from him. I love every single second I have to spend with him. I miss having him around 24-7, but it makes the time we are together even more special. He has such a strong testimony. He seriously is so smart. He seems to know everything about everything!!! I wouldn't change one thing about him! I LOVE YOU BABE!!!!!!! 

Yesterday he surprised me and came home with my favorite dinner and dessert (pineapple curry/mango and sticky rice). He is working at the office this week in San Clemente, b/c they are all going deep sea fishing Thursday/Friday. Even after long days at work, he still thinks about what would make "his beautiful wife" happy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Because the missionaries requested it

We had some really good food on Father's day. Elder Jolly, pictured on the left, requested to have shrimp for dinner and peach cobbler for dessert. Elder Etzel just wanted fruit and veggies. He said they never get much of either. We granted their requests, but made them work for it. ha.
 We made teriyaki chicken kabobs, and coconut shrimp kabobs, with fresh pineapple. YUM! I can never get enough pineapple. We served it with rice, fresh fruit, and veggies (the easy part). The only food not documented here is the peach and blueberry cobbler I made. I made those healthy-ish chocolate oatmeal bars for Elder Etzel. Those were surprisingly awesome. No one knew they were on the healthy side.

My sister and I picked out a new wallet at Macey's for Dad. He desperately needed a new one. The one we got him is so much nicer. Adam was unfortunately under the weather all of Father's Day weekend. I can't wait till we move, so he doesn't have to travel as much. I got him some nice shirts for work from Macey's. I am so lucky to have these amazing men in my life! My dad has taught me so much throughout all the years. Not only is he a great dad, but he is a wonderful person. My husband is the best husband out there. Hands down. I have never been treated better by anyone in my entire life, and I know a lot of great people. I am so lucky to have him for eternity!!!! :)

The countdown to Texas begins!!! Our tickets are booked for the third week of July to fly out and look at places. I hope the places I have been looking at online are just as lovely in person.

We will officially move into our place the second week of August, in time to celebrate our 2 year anniversary!!! We both can't wait.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blackety Black

Last weekend was great. Adam and I hadn't seen each other for 2 weeks, so it was even more meaningful when he got off that airplane. I picked him up and took him out to the Melting Pot to celebrate our good news! We both love that place. Dessert is our favorite, but it's all good. We got the shrimp and steak entree with California salads. For dessert we got the chocolate turtle fondue. It was very good. I can't decide if I like that one or the original best.

Saturday we got an oil change for my car, enjoyed my mom's cinnamon rolls, watched some soccer, I baked my banana berry muffins, and then I got my husband to EXERCISE WITH ME (lots of pictures to document this b/c its been a while for my husband)!!! I was so excited to take him to the gym with me. We rewarded ourselves with some good burritos from Rubios after.  I had half of a steak, half of a chicken, and a whole mahi mahi burrito. The mahi mahi was my favorite. We watched some good movies and sat in the hot tub. It was very nice relaxing way to end the day.

Oh, so my hair is now BLACK! I was getting tired of the red in my hair, so I went to my lovely hair dresser Leslie to help solve my problem. She put some color corrector on it, and dyed it a dark brown which I really liked. However, she missed some of the red underneath. I went back a week later and had her dye it again, and it turned out Black. I knew it would be darker, I just didn't realize how much. I never thought I would have Black hair lol. I honestly don't mind it. It's not my favorite though. It's a good thing I am not pasty white.

It feels so much healthier now, because she put a nice protein base in it and chopped off a few inches. It's very shiny. I think its pretty but would look fabulous on someone else with dark skin. I am adjusting. It just such a big change. I will probably lighten it in 8 weeks. It's my fault. I used box dye on my hair for over a year, and correcting the color can be tricky. It was either this, or blonde highlights... but I don't want the maintenance.

.....So I went to the Del Mar Fair with the fam. Our camera's battery was dying so we only got some pictures of us in the car. I know, lame. I was wearing white, so you can really see the contrast of my hair.

I love these healthy-ish muffins! They are the best with a blend of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries (mostly blueberries though!) I made them with mostly blackberries last time and didn't enjoy it as much. The blackberries are not as sweet.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dallas, Texas

We finally go our area!!! Dallas is where we will be headed the first week of August. We are SO excited! It was our first pick and we were lucky enough to get it, even though one of the other guys is from Dallas. The company must really like Adam :) I CAN'T WAIT!!! Adam served his mission in Dallas, so I can't wait for him to show me around and meet all the people from his mission areas. My brother is in San Antonio, so I am tempted to go visit him after we move there. Adam's sister lives only 20 min or so away from Dallas, and I can't wait to visit her and her family. We are so blessed. The other areas we knew were open were Oregon (covering Idaho and Montana as well), Boston/Rhode Island (too expensive and not fans of how people act out there), and North Carolina.... I am so glad we are going to Texas Y'all!!! :)

I jumped up and down screaming like a child when I found out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Fun

Memorial weekend Adventures: Part 1

I was so incredibly happy to spend a whole EXTRA day with my husband this weekend. Thank you Memorial day!! :)  Since last weekend we were gypped a day together, because of flight cancellations, I was glad to have this extra day to make up for it!!!  Plus I wont see my husband for two weeks because he is going to be at a Towner family reunion next weekend, so time together this weekend was SO nice. We saved Memorial day for family, Sunday night for the Moss's, and skipped out on getting together with friends Sat b/c we wanted some alone time.

Saturday we headed down to Balboa Island. Adam had never been there, so we had a lot of fun together. We didn't have to search long for parking, which was a good start for our day adventure. The weather was perfect for the beach. It was hot but there was no humidity. We relaxed and laid out while we enjoyed the yummy lunch I made us. We didn't lay out too long because Adam was worried about getting burned. Its been a long time since he has seen the sun, and we didn't want him going back to work with a lobster red burn. We tried going in the water, but it was just too cold. While we were down by the water we saw some dolphins which was pretty cool. People watching is always fun at the beach. ha. We definitely had some good laughs. 

I still LOVE the shades Adam got me for my birthday last year. I got Adam those spy shades while we were dating. He needs to get some new ones, or replace one of the lenses cuz it got scratched while we did the Rhino adventure in Mexico.

Ignore my ugly chipped off nail polish. There is just something about sticking your feet in the sand that I enjoy so much.  It's a nice experience, when its not too hot.

It really was a beautiful day out on Balboa Island. I am glad we went when we did. It looks like its going to start getting hotter.  Plus we are booked pretty much every weekend before we move now. Its crazy. It's going to be here before we know it.


  You can kinda see the beach houses in the background. I saw a few I would like to stay in. I have done it once, and had a great time.

After we were done soaking up the sun at the beach, we took the Ferry over to the other end of the Island. I was most excited about this part of our trip: going on the ferry and getting another one of those delicious Balboa Bars.  We chose to get peanuts on one side and butter crunch on the other. It was a great combo.

 We walked around all the shops and I almost walked into the town's church service. lol. I didn't realize they had a meeting taking place. I just wanted to see what the church looked like. I should have guessed, b/c the main priest or whatever was in his full attire standing by the door greeting people as they entered.

We had a cool breeze come in while we were walking around all the shops, which was perfect.

They have a bakery for dogs. It was pretty ridiculous and fun at the same time. They have yummy pastry and cookies for dogs. It looks just like stuff any person would eat. We asked the lady if she had tried any, and she said yes. lol. I guess they are not bad. I wouldn't want to try one. haha

We saw a guy that looked like Yao Ming. He was like 7 feet tall. His wife was pretty tall too. It's not everyday you run into giant asian people.

 After we were done exploring (There really isn't too much to see), we ate at Amelia's. I read online that it was one of the best places to eat there, so I wanted to try it out.

 Look how cute this Seafood/Italian place is. I love the rose and the candle. It was a very romantic and cozy little place. I liked that we sat near the window. We were the first people in there, so naturally we got a good spot.

I ordered the pink special. I wanted to try all the fresh market stuff. I got Salmon, Shrimp/Scampi, and Lobster Ravioli. Adam just got Lobster Ravioli. It was probably my least favorite, even though it was good. The salmon and shrimp topped it though.

It cooled down real quick after dinner, and we had to head back to the car because it was getting too cold. It was a great day. The ride home was pretty fun. Adam and I discovered a way to make driving on the 91 enjoyable.

We enjoyed primary with the Sunbeams. They say so many funny things. My favorite experience was when we were teaching about Jona and the Whale and little Audrey piped up and said, "But Jesus isn't bad."  My second favorite was in sharing time when Jaden (who has fancy suites all the time and the long mohawk mind you) gets up and says, " I got muscles watch this" as he runs to the table and picks it up and knocks it over (everthing on top of it included). We were learning about how we can turn to the Lord for strength or something. This week Abbey wanted to play house with me. She said you pretend to be the dad and I will be the mom. Adam thought it was the funniest thing and kept teasing me until we got home. 

Afterwards we enjoyed a Rib dinner over at the Moss's. The missionaries invited themselves over after they found out what we were eating. lol. It was fun. We will be going over there again soon to play games. It's funny how we are moving so soon, and making friends in the process.

Adam is so sweet. He knew I wanted to see Dear John so he reserved it for me :) I had no idea either!! I was wondering why he past my parents street on the way home from the Moss's. We had gone to Redbox and tried to get it earlier for the weekend, and someone reserved it online while we were in the process of renting it. I didn't know that could happen! I figured we would wait till another weekend to rent it but he took care of it :) I really enjoyed it.

Memorial Day Adventures: Part 2


Some desserts in life are tasty and pretty. Like this Fruit Pizza I made. I have been wanting to make one for a very long time. When its just two of you, making one isn't as fun. Memorial day was a perfect chance for me to make one, since both of our families were getting together. Only Adam knows how excited I really was to make one.  It turned out SO well. Honestly, what could be better than a big giant sugar cookie with creme cheese topping, fresh fruit, and orange marmalade glaze? Let me rephrase that. How could something not be good with all that yummy stuff? I love creme cheese and that is why I LOVE cheese cake or anything like it. I was on cloud 9!! Definitely will be making this scrumptious treat again and again! Recipe

I thought my sisters layered jello was pretty too!!

Adam and I are not huge jello fans, but this I enjoyed very much. The sweet and condensed milk layers makes this one tasty treat. You might think that having that many flavors is overpowering, but let me tell you IT WORKS. I am a fan of this scrumptious rainbow jello.

Everyone was excited for my mom's cinnamon rolls. She seriously has the best recipe ever. It has just the right amount of butter, cinnamon, and cream cheese frosting (a lot of each). I am not the only cream cheese lover around here; It runs in the family! The great thing about them, that Sheila mentioned yesterday, is the fact that they don't taste like bread at all. I hate when cinnamon rolls taste like that and are dry. These are more like the best rolls you have ever had in your life period with all the right amounts of everything else to turn it into a cinnamon roll. I love to brag about my mom's cooking, can't you tell? 

Its no coincidence that my mom was asked every year to make her cinnamon rolls for stake activities, when someone who knew her was in charge. The ward members, and neighbors get so excited when she makes them. 


We had lots of good food!!! Sheila brought over her famous potato salad and some yummy baked beans. I am definitely going to have to get her recipes! She is an excellent cook. I have big shoes to fill. BIG. It's a good thing I like to cook. I can tell my family consumed a lot of those beans, if you know what I am saying. ha. 

I made those yummy peanut butter cup brownie things again, because you always need to have something chocolate. Right? We had a yummy fruit salad and corn on the cob as well to go with the aloha burgers. We love to bbq for memorial day. Its a perfect time of year for it too. The pinneapple I picked up was really good. I actually was very lucky with all the fruit and corn I bought. Sometimes it is hit and miss when you pick out this stuff, but I was shocked at how well I did this time. lol. The corn on the cobb was almost as good as the corn from my Grandpa's farm, surprisingly.  My dad made his special onion rings. He got the recipe from Chee Burger Chee Burger a couple years back. Those were a big hit too. Seriously, all the food was amazing. I think I gained like 5 pounds. I am still consuming it as we speak. haha.

My dad loves to use his grill :)

Here is a picture of my attempt to make an Islands Aloha burger:
 There was a lot of Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce on this bad boy. It was very good.
 My husband is SO hot!! Man I miss him just looking at this picture!!! Two weeks is a LONG time to be away from that cute face!

We finished off the night drinking some pina colada's! Yum. I had a margarita too. (Virgin of course)

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