Sunday, October 30, 2011

Towner Family Weekend

The Towner Reunion started this weekend. Chris and SeQuoia's family flew out from Ohio Thursday, and Sheila and Steve flew in Saturday from CA. Rachel and Aaron live 15 min away from us, so we can see them whenever. Its so nice when we are able to get everyone all together.

We went to the TCU vs BYU game Friday night when I got off work. The game was at the Cowboys stadium, so we were more excited to see what it looked liked than to actually watch the game. We all knew BYU was going to lose. They lose every year to TCU. They could have won this year, since TCU isn't very good this year. They made way too many mistakes though. Its hard to be a BYU fan. You want to have hope, but in the back of your mind you already know the outcome.

SeQuoia, Chris, Cameron 

We took Adam's parents to the Best bbq place in Texas after we picked them up from the airport. Sorry mom and dad! Next time you visit we will take you here too. We didn't realize they had opened one in Denton, when they came out to visit in May.

I was told their cream corn is made with blue bell ice cream. It was SO good.

They have the best bbq ribs hands down

Afterwards, we meet the Saunders over at their ward's Trunk or Treat

Pretty creative costume

We stayed up watching the USC game, so we were tired this morning when we got up to take family pictures before church. Its always so nice when family visits! We get to spend more time with them Monday and Tuesday night before we leave on our cruise Wednesday!! :) I can't wait.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Texas State Fair

We were VERY brave this weekend. We decided to go to the fair on Saturday. Mind you, this was the same day as the Texas vs. Oklahoma game. I know, we are two crazy kids.

The verdict you ask? Well, it wasn't as crowded as we were expecting it to be. Its funny that people in Texas always say, "everything is bigger in Texas!" Well, going to the fair here made us realize that most people hold up to that standard. The fair grounds, however, are about the same size as the Del Mar fair in CA, with the exception of one giant Coliseum in the middle of  it.

Adam and I had a great time together. We ate some fried things for a change. I was surprised that we didn't feel sick afterwords. We did everything there was to do. We saw a couple shows, ate some fair food, walked around all the exhibits, bought some H&H salsa, saw all the animals, watched the parade, and held hands all day long. It was a great day! We stopped at IN-N-OUT on our way home. They have a few out here now. We finally decided to get our fix. Its just a delicious as I remember.

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