Thursday, July 29, 2010

Exciting events/things I enjoyed last week. Glad I could be apart of them all!

Amanda J is in LOVE!! 
I am so happy for her. Wednesday afternoon she picked me up and we went to one of our favorite places to eat: Red Robbin. It was the best lunch we have ever had together, because it was just so exciting talking about her future! She is pretty sure Ilan is the one! He is one lucky guy that is all I can say. I am going to miss my dance partner/ walking buddy. I saw it coming. Lets see, I have been in CA ever since she started dating Ilan. Each time we went to lunch over the months, I could tell she was falling for him more and more each time. Too fun :) I am also going to miss all our lunch dates!!!

Heather's surprise birthday dinner
We met up at Esther's Taco house on Heather's birthday (Thursday). It was a surprise, but she didn's seem so surprised. lol. It was fun seeing her cute belly. She looks fabulous. I hope I can look at least half as good as she does when I get pregnant. 
I got the tostada grande with carne asada. Yes, it was good! 

Because I failed to get a picture, here are some older pictures taken with Heather and my other friends in the past 6 months (all of which I will miss). Who knows when I will be able to see their beautiful faces again?

Couldn't forget about Ashley!!! Love you! She is like a sister to me :)

 I am also going to miss my gym buddies: my mom and Erika

Kiley's Wedding Day
Friday we spent the day in San Diego. Kiley and her husband were sealed in the afternoon. It was a beautiful sealing. I learned so much! After, we ate at El Torrito and went to the mall to kill time before the reception. I found a few things at Nordstroms that were really cute, and on sale. Score! We then headed to the reception. It was really fun. The food was great, and they had cheesecake for dessert. My kind of people! We danced the night away. It was a good time for sure. It had been years since we saw their cute family!!!  It was so good to see everyone. They were so happy we came!

 Kiley and me

 Sarah and my sis (below)

Because of the closeness in age, we were good friends with these girls when they lived down the street! We are still sad to this day that they moved away from us. They said that they have yet to find a family to replace us. They wish they could move back down. 
Not the best picture, but all the women in the wedding party said they were jealous of my blue shoes. You know, its hard taking pictures of your feet (especially while wearing high heels!) There was no way I was going to try to take a side angle shot.

The Towners go every year to the Moonlight Theater in Vista. Its a little tradition of theirs. I love it! The shows are always great. They have the best ice cream bars, and hot chocolate. You can't go without getting an ice cream bar, b/c its part of the tradition. My kind of tradition! We went on Saturday, after going to Aaron and Kaylee's open house.
 Playing with my phone. Trying to get a good pic. They always turn out blurry when you try to take them yourself.

I have been enjoying these Rainbow sandals Adam got me a while back. They are comfortable, but not as comfortable as my reef sandals. I have a black and brown pair that I have had for a while. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. However, they have sparkly black and brown ones that are plastic on top that are not comfy. I only wore them a couple times, and got rid of them. Funny how that works.

My Momma's Birthday (Sunday)

First, it started out with Judy dropping off our favorite cheesecake (white chocolate raspberry). My sister put on the candles. If you look closely you can see my mom's age. I am sure she is thrilled I am sharing it. ha.


For my mother's birthday dinner we had shrimp and chicken alfredo (Olive Garden recipe for the alfredo sauce). My dad made the pasta, and my sister and I made the bruchetta that we learned how to make at a Relief Society activity. Tammi Scarcella showed us how to make that as well as one of their famous dishes. She was a cook at the Scarcella's italian restaurant in Temecula. She married the owners son. She is a super fun lady.

My mom's birthday cake. Made by James Bishop, of course!

 She had a lot of her friends stop by. Adam and I got her a pound of see's chocolate. I am glad she likes to share!

As you can seee, last week was filled with fun events. This week has been crazy.  Its been spent getting everything taken care of before we take off.  I booked our movers (one long process). There are a lot of shady companies out there!! (Made sure I checked the BBB and all the reviews on numerous sites). I picked out a paint color for our kitchen. Called the apartment to pay and get our lease mailed to us (Adam didn't have time to stop by and sign it this week, while he was in Texas. Work was just too crazy). Let see what else...I got all the belts changed on my car. Today I bought all our boxes, packing tap, bubble rap etc (researched and found a place that sells used boxes for half price and then buys the boxes back, and they have a location in Keller as well (lucky!).  These last few days I have been de junking. Went through everything at my mom's that was kept from my childhood. Then there is the cleaning and the normal day to day activities. Adam and I are going to get new tires for my car this weekend. I've been researching to find the best tires, at a great price, with free rotation, at a place that is in Keller too. Incase anything goes wrong. Its down to two choices. I am 90% done with our wedding book. I have been working on that too. I have all the photos placed and the writing done. All that's left is the embellishments (Its 50 pages worth of goodness). I am also working on Adam's anniversary present. Need to finish up todays laundry now that I think about it. Tomorrow I will start putting all our wedding boxes in boxes. ha. Boxing everything shouldn't take too long! Last time we did it all in one night. Next week is our last week in CA! I probably wont be blogging for a while. With the move and all.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This past week and weekend

Last week Adam went to work in Santa Ana, and I went with him. It was a mini vacay for me! I laid out by the pool, read a book, went to Fashion Valley, the Spectrum, and enjoyed Adam's company when he got home. 

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Santa Ana
Their breakfast buffet is really good. I tried everything.

We had a pretty nice corner suite.

Adam usually has more work to do after work. He would take care of it after we went out to eat.

When Adam had to finish up work at the hotel, I would just relax and watch t.v.

Their beds are SO comfy!


I worked out a couple time at their small gym, and watched Dr. Oz in the process. I also went to the 24-hour fitness out there.

I enjoyed this very much!! It was probably the best thing about our room.

We had to get our Cafe Rio fix since we are moving in a few weeks. We went together on Monday night. I went back for lunch on Friday, before we left to catch our flights to Texas.

I was able to enjoy a free meal the second time I went. It was fun to have them sing to me.

I love thier pork salad. I got it twice while we were out there.

This Tres Leche cake was so sweet that it made my horchata taste like milk.

After dinner, we went and saw Knight and Day. We both enjoyed it.

This is probably my favorite restaurant. We went here on Tuesday night.

Avocado egg rolls. I would definitely recommend this appitizer!! Loved it!

My Shrimp Scampi was very good

Now THIS is what you come here for!!! I love their cheesecake. I have tried a lot of their cheesecakes, and my favorite is their White Chocolate Raspberry one. I decided to try Adam's peanut butter cup fudge ripple this time, and I enjoyed it very much. I still like the other one better. I am not a cake fan, otherwise I would have tried the red velvet one.

My husband is so handsome! Here we are waitin to eat at Lucille's bbq smokehouse (Wednesday night).

It was definitely worth waiting for! We didn't really wait that long, but still. Everything was delicious. Great sides: sweet potato fries and mac and cheese

For dessert, we went to Cold Stone. YUM! Love their mud pie mojo.

Thursday my family came up and we all went to Hunnington Beach. I was out shopping before we met at my apartment. I brought home a yummy treat

After dinner, we made smores and roasted some starburst.



Friday, as soon as Adam got off work, we made our way to the Ontario airport. We almost missed our flights out to Texas b/c everything that could go wrong on a freeway went wrong (tons of cars broke down, and there were objects blocking the road such as brooms and what not). I hate sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, but it is what it is. There was no way around it. I flew first class so that helped make up for it. It was a pretty sweet experience. We got to Texas around midnight and it was 80 something degrees. Welcome to Texas!!

Saturday and Sunday, we did a lot of driving around in our sweet rental car. We looked at SO many different apartments. I had made a list of over 20 places to look at, and his sister Rachel showed us a few places she had found as well.

Out of all the places we looked at, we chose to live at Watervue. They have so much more to offer than most apartments. We could have gotten a much bigger apartment (Two bed, two bath, more sq feet) for the same price, but we want the social aspect that these apartments offer. They have an activites calendar each month. There is something going on every weekend, and mostly young married couples live here. They had a cardboard boat racing contest the weekend before last (see pic below) and the weekend we were there, they were having a volleyball contest. They give out prizes. The person who won the boat racing contest got $500 bucks. They liked the look of someone's boat, so that day they added an extra category: most creative. That person got $250. The staff cooks for the complex once a month (steak and what not). Its not like hot dogs and chips. They cook the good stuff. They have an indoor basketball court (which Adam is going to love), their own little gym (I will still go to 24-hour b/c their gyms are HUGE out there. Everything is bigger in Texas), they have their own Redbox type movie rental box (which they restock more often than redbox), a salt water pool, an Xbox room, and a game room. Plus, get this, you just leave your trash outside of your door and they pick it up for you. Pretty sweet trash servic! The walk in closet in our apartment is HUGE (the biggest one out of all the places we looked at). It's as big as our bathroom, practically. They have a dog park. I really want to get a dog, so that might come in handy someday. We can't wait to start enjoying this place!!! It's in a great location to. There is a Super Walmart and Super Target close by, as well as a ton of good places to eat at. The mall and gym isn't too far away either.

We went to Chef Point Cafe after we finished filling out the application for our FIRST apartment. We wanted to try this place out because Guy Fieri visited it on the t.v. show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.  It is located inside a Conoco gas station. I guess the owner couldn't get approved for a restaurant loan in time, so he got a loan for this gas station, and put this fun little restaurant inside. Talk about an unusual place to open an upscale restaurant!

 It totally looks ghetto but don't let that fool you, b/c they make really good food in there! They offer lamb and duck, and all kinds of stuff you would find at a 5 star restaurant.

 Adam made me try fried green tomatoes. They were SO good, which I wasn't expecting.

 The small kitchen behind Adam

Adam's selection: a stuffed pork chop with crab cake on top of pasta

Note the gas station section was right behind me.

I went with the Monte Cristo Sandwich

Turkey, Ham, and Swiss on wheat, fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It was very good, especially when dipped in the jam.

Everyone raves about the bread pudding here, so we had to give it a try. It's smothered in hot cognac sauce, and voted the best of Fort Worth restaurants.  It was definitely different. We liked it. There are no raisins which was a plus for Adam. I am partial to mine, and we both still think that the cruise's bread pudding is the best we have ever had. This was very good though.

We went to Twisted Root with Rachel's family on Saturday. It was definitely a fun place. They make custom burgers and have homemade rootbeer and flavored rootbeer. I got a chipotle burger with avocado and cheese. Very delicious!

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