Monday, September 28, 2009

Great places to eat and such (read the second update-its funny, yet strange, I put it in bold)

Our first favorite is OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE

The picture of the bathroom door is for Adam's mother. Her name is Sheila, so we took this picture to let her know we were reminded of her, during our recent visit (we sat right next to the restroom). The sign, not the restroom reminded us of her. ha.  Every time we go to Outback, we order the Outback special (even if our parents are buying b/c its our favorite). It's only 9.95 and comes with two sides. We both love the sweet potato. I mean just look at that goodness (To me, yams tastes so much better than sweet potato's idk why they call it a sweet potato at Outback). It tastes like candy, and melts in your mouth. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. ha. You might think that a 6oz steak is small, but by the time you are done with your meal you feel ultimately satisfied, and you are glad that you didn't order a bigger steak. This is another thing I am going to miss when we move back to California. They don't offer the special there. They do offer it in Texas though (we could possible move there in 9 months, so it could be relevant in the future). Adam went here on his mission a lot. I need to tell my brother!

Our second favorite is Red Robbin

They have the best fries. Their seasoning is key. I can't say they have the best burgers b/c I like Islands a lot better. Their food is amazing though. We love to go Red Robbin. I can't say they have the best wraps either b/c Winger's sticky finger wrap is my favorite. I like their clucks and fries and their seafood pasta.

This weekend we went to both. We went to Red Robbin, on Friday, after we went and saw the movie Fame. We both enjoyed watching this movie because it shows off everyone's talent in a fun way. Although, I must say,  I have become less of a fan of Kherington's dancing. She was kinda sloppy in the movie, and I just wasn't impressed with her. Its a good movie if you are into dancing, singing, acting, etc. Saturday we went to Outback after going to the BYU game. We were in a good mood because they won. However, we did get frustrated during the game because of all the penalties and two interceptions. In my opinion, Max Hall is a little overrated. Its almost a guarantee that he will throw an interception per game. "Stop with the risky passes already!" They won though and that's all that matters.

So I got a new calling on Sunday. I am a publicity committee member for relief society. I have yet to figure out what that entails. ha. I think I am just suppose to make sure everyone knows about activities and to make the girls feel included (arrange to carpool over and such) idk. Anyways, its a cake job, so I am happy about it.

My grandma is in a lot of pain.  The rehab center she is in is a pretty nice place, not the best, but it could be a A LOT worse. It supposedly has gotten a 5 star rating the last 5 years.  However, I got a weird feeling as we were leaving the rehab center the first day, because there was a man laying in a hospital bed in the middle of the parking lot, with no one around. Not only was he in the middle of the parking lot, but he was towards the very back next to the dumpsters.  We waited in our car, for a while, to see if anyone would come out for this person. Nope! Needless to say, it kinda creeped me out. Was he in like time out or something? ha. They better not do that to my grandma! We are about to go visit her. We are just waiting on the cookies in the oven. Cookies are our thing. If you want some good recipes, let me know. Adam's cookies are divine. The one's I have posted are just recipes I have tried out for fun, and do not compare to Adam's. He is known as the cookie master in his family, and I definitely know why. Yes, my husband is awesome, he makes me the best cookies all the time.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life is full of unexpected and frustrating things sometimes

So I haven't blogged in a while, so what? It's my blog and I can blog when I want to. Life has been busy and full of unexpected and frustrating things. I don't want to bore anyone to tell with all the details of this month, so I will just start with last Saturday. I will wait to share the bad news, and I will start off on a better note. Saturday morning we went to a family expo for our stake that lasted till the late afternoon. They had awesome speakers. Adam and I both learned a lot. They had a catered luncheon afterwords that was really good. It kinda reminded me of the graduation dinner put on by BYU, only it was better. They had these giant eclairs for dessert that were very scrumptious.  Did we ever mention that we are really enjoying this new ward? It's so nice to be surrounded with people our age who are in similar circumstances. I actually want to get to know people and look forward to visiting teaching. ha. Anyways, we went to that AWFUL, FRUSTRATING BYU game that night. The traffic gets really bad an hour before the game (bumper to bumper traffic). They have cops at every stop light. We had to drop some stuff off at my aunts house before we headed over to the game, so we were in a big hurry leaving only an hour and 15 minutes before the game. We parked at a friends house in Provo and had them drive us over, so it worked out b/c we made it on time.  Did you guys watch that terrible game? Adam and I were so depressed after. We actually left early because we were so frusterated. I just felt bad because it was Adam's first experience actually being at a game. Hopefully this Saturday they will play better, so we can actually sit through the whole game.  Anyways, we stopped by Brian and Bethany's house afterwards, so I could pick up some more birth control (I have never had to pay for birth control which is pretty sweet). Thanks Bethany!!! We ended up staying at there house till sometime after 10pm. Its hard not to make things quick with my family. ha. Adam and I went home and watched movies till the late hours of the night. Needless to say we slept in.  Its a good thing our church doesn't start till 2:30pm. However, we don't like getting out so late. The whole day is gone. Dinner isn't till 7 and then starting hw after is no fun.

Some photos from the upsetting game:

 We were happy before the game started. We enjoyed a yummy pretzel.

Then, we enjoyed some cookie dough ice cream. I will miss the creamery's ice cream when we move.

okay, now we get to the VERY unexpected and tragic news. Monday we decided to stop home after our morning classes so I could bake a couple different batches of cookies for my brother. Its his birthday tomorrow and I wanted to add the cookies to the package I put together for him, that I was sending out that afternoon. I had already made the chocolate chip cookies and had just finished mixing the peanut butter cookies. My grandma was sitting down in her favorite blue chair, relaxing because she was tired from being out in the garden. She got up to come in the kitchen. I was scooping cookies on a baking sheet at this point. She walked right behind me. Then one minute later there was a huge THUMP!!!!!!! I freaked and turned around to see my grandma lying on her back, unable to move. I screamed for Adam. It was a very traumatic five minutes after that. Adam ran up stairs and assessed the situation. Grandma couldn't move at all. She couldn't even lift her head. She was conscious though. Adam and I lifted her up and put her on the couch. She couldn't even put weight on her feet. She acted like she was OKAY. Ya Grandma, you can't move and you think you are okay. She had Adam give her a blessing and we told her we should take her to the hospital. She kept saying no I am fine. My grandma is a tough chickaroo. She is kinda stubborn too. My mom is the only one who can talk some sense into her, so I called her and had her talk to grandma. She acted like she wasn't in any pain and that people should stop worrying, the blessing would kick in. We had our aunt talk to her and then finally Brian was called. He came over and took one look at her and called an ambulance (his wife works at a hospital). The paramedics showed up and said that her right leg was shorter than her left. Uh ooh, not a good sign. We followed the ambulance over to the hospital. We waited there the rest of the day. They wouldn't let her eat or drink anything. She stayed in an ER room till after 10pm. I couldn't believe it took them that long to get her a room. Sometime that night, her Xrays came back letting us know that she broke her hip. :( My poor grandma! She broke her other hip 10 years ago. She is now 84. This was such horrible news! Man on man. We have such a great family. Almost everyone who lives in Utah came down that night to visit her. Yesterday was crazy stressful catching up on lost work. We had a meeting, tons of assignments w/ some due at midnight, classes till 7, and a soccer game at 9, so we didn't get to bed till 2am.   We felt bad that we couldn't be with her after her surgery yesterday. Her surgery went well though, so that's a positive note. She is now in recovery mode. We visited with her today, for several hours, and she slept most of the time. We ate at the cafeteria they have there while some other family was with her. They have some good food there at a reasonable price. We are so grateful to everyone who heard about it on facebook and prayed for her. I just feel bad because she has to relearn how to walk and everything at 84 years of age. We are hoping for the best.

Here are the cookies I made for my brother and the start of his b-day package. It was moved to a large priority box. We had to buy some bubble wrap to wrap the cookies really well, and some packing tape because we ran out. It cost us 20 dollars and i don't remember how many cents. ha. I just thought it was ironic b/c my brother turns 20 tomorrow. You are probably thinking what a bunch of random things to send. All the things in the package have significance, well, they will remind him of us all.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


These are my pretty new sunglasses that my hubby got me for my birthday. He surprised me and got them while I was in class. We both only have one morning class on Friday's which is nice. Adam's is a 9:00 and mine is at 10:00. Because the parking situation is Ridiculous at BYU in the mornings, I drop Adam off and spend the next 35 min trying to find a parking spot. Hence, Riiiidicuulooous! Lately I have been parking next to the stadium and hiking. Its a Long way but at least there are no hills! Sept 4th turned out to be the last day you could return books for a full refund. We both had some classes we dropped so we had to jump in the book return line after my class. After we returned our books, we walked out to the car (well literally hiked a few miles) and these beautiful Smith Cameo sunglasses were sitting in the passenger seat with a VERY thoughtful and romantic card. :)

I forgot to mention that we bought starving student cards on our way out of the Wilk. This is a first for both of us. My cousin Joseph was selling them this year, and that in itself, was the only reason we bought two starving student cards. We used them twice yesterday. Jason's Deli was the first place that they came in handy.  My mom is excited to get some free fresh water pearls. I don't know if I could wear them. ha. They are priced at $100 so I guess they would make a nice gift. Do people wear pearls at our age? We checked craigslist to see if any guys who had bought starving student cards were trying to sell their pearls, and sure enough there were two necklaces listed. I thought it was funny.

Adam, Brooke, and I waiting for our yummy sandwiches. Adam and I both really like their California club. He always gets it with chips and a dill pickle. I like to get the fruit b/c it comes with this yummy dip. We all enjoyed their soft serve afterwards.

We had to stop by the Stonehenge in Orem and take a picture b/c it's just so silly. They should have made the stones a little bit bigger.

Some gifts I opened at grandma's when we got home from lunch. Lots of cards, some money from the in-laws, my burrito(explained in the next photo), and Bath and Body Works goodness. I got some presents before my birthday too ( a blue dress, skirt, shoes :), necklace, and some Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner, yup I was SPOILED)

This is my burrito. My dad is so funny. He bought this in CA and brought it up to me. I can't wait to break it open and get the candy.

This is the second place that our starving student cards came in handy. We went to Magleby's for my birthday din din.

Our yummy dinners. Adam got the filet mignon. I had the blackened salmon.

Our cute waitress who has worked at both locations for 7 years. She knew all my cousins who use to work there.

I was brought out this yummy treat for my b-day.

Then we came home and celebrated with Marie Calendars Lemon meringue pie. I am not a cake person. We actually haven't eaten it yet b/c we were stuffed after eating out. My family just sang to me and had me blow out the candles. We will probably eat some tonight after the BYU game. 

I had a great birthday this year. I was happy to spend it with my family. I still can't believe I am 23...AND the celebration is not over. Adam and I are going to celebrate my birthday sometime next week, after my family is gone, with our new tradition we started last year for my birthday. Getting a spa package that includes massages. I can't wait (:

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