Sunday, June 28, 2009

Holly made some delicious banana bread and here are some pictures of it. It kinda looks burnt in the pictures but it was actually perfectly delicious.

This is Holly's very creative photo shot...very nice

I look a little challenged, but it was just the bright sun blinding me

Very colorful

Here's Holly throwing gang signs

Holly and I standing in front of the SLC Temple

Look how much shorter Holly is and she's got heels on

This was right outside the entrance to the temple

Us before the 311 concert. We had to take a picture in the car because it was raining outside

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My stay in CA so far

  1. Flew into San Diego in the afternoon
  2. Went to Anthony's-great fish and chips place right on the water
  3. Went to SeaPort Village-looked at all the shops, bought some fudge, then some vendor told me the two words that describe me the most are JOY and COMPASSION (I'll take his word for it lol). He drew me a funky drawing that I can't wait to show Adam.
  4. Came HOME and relaxed
  5. Went to Burlington coat factory
  6. Went to Winco to buy treats and picked up a pizza there- MUCh better than Costco or Sam's Club pizza I must say
  1. Slept in :)
  2. Went to Harveston so we could walk around the lake while my sister ran
  3. Visited Adam's sister Rachel and her kids
  4. Watched Transformers to get ready for Transformers 2
Went to the Del Mar Fair with my family+ Brooke's bf Austin

First, we stopped at the beach so Brook and Austin could show me the Caves (The pictures came out fuzzy unfortunately. It was pretty overcast. I hope next week will be better b/c I want to go when the suns out.
We always see the hypnotist show done by this fine gentleman Mark Yusuik. He does a pretty good job with the family show. It's clean and fun. My brother got called up one year and had to smack his but and yell, "Who's your daddy?" My sister was hypnotized by him at her high school grad night recently and was involved in the shake your booty contest.
My dad looked all around the fair for a snack to eat while we waited to see Bill Engvall and he came back with a blooming onion. He said it was one of the "more healthy choices." lol everything is fried at the fair. Here are some things that should just never be eaten PERIOD that they fry--------->
We are BRIAN REGAN fans. We love him. I have seen him live before in Long Beach. We were surprised with Bill Engvall. He did a great show b/c we were laughing pretty hard most of the time.

  1. Ran a bunch of errands
  2. Made homemade salsa out of 20 lbs of tomatoes

  1. Laid out by the pool
  2. Saw Transformers 2 and I like it.
  3. Enjoyed some In-n-out (its been sixth months since I have eaten there) I always get a #2- cheeseburger with grilled onions with a Neapolitan shake.
  4. Relaxed and visited with my neighbor across the street who is like family to me.

  1. Went to the Gym-did zumba for my first time and like it.
  2. Went to the farmers fair in Old Town Temecula
  3. Enjoyed an award-winning Guaca Burger at Mad Madeline's Grill. My parents split the moster burger.
  4. Went Swimming
  5. Helped my mom clean around the house
  6. Now writing this blog

Monday, June 1, 2009

Much to look forward to

So I FINALLY bought a new swimsuit!! I checked out way too many shops online cuz the Provo-Orem area doesn't really have any swim shops. It took days of searching but I wanted to try something different. This victoria Secret tiger tankini is definitely different. I actually got it off ebay because they ran out on the victoria secret website. They are having a huge sale by the way for those looking for suits. Their bikini's are too darn cute. I don't wear those though. My husband doesn't like me sharing my body with anyone else, only him.

I get to wear it this friday to Seven Peaks. We are going with some friends after we go to Justin's wedding reception. I am so happy for him. He is Adam's old roommate and my STATS buddy-we helped each other get through that class. So it's only 4 dollars to get in for girls before 10 pm and 6 dollars for guys. They have a DJ and play hip hop tunes and all the slides are hot tubs are open.

I have three weeks left of school and I am counting the days. My flight is booked. I leave the 22nd for CA. I am going ALONE. This is the first time that Adam and I will be apart (2 1/2 weeks). We will definitely be missing each other. I am excited cuz my cousin is flying down for the second week and Erika is actually going to be in town (this never happens). My husband is going to stay and work and come down for his friends wedding around July 9th and pick me up, so we can go to the Incubus concert up here. I am so excited. I have seen them in concert before and they are amazing!! We are also seeing 311 in concert next week and the Fray sometime. It was a three for one deal. Tickets were only 45 dollars to see all three. I only really care to see Incubus though.

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