Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Pumpkin Carvings

Our pumpkin pickins weren't so good this year. Adam's pumpkin has fungus or something nasty growing on the outside and the walls of our pumpkins are super thick, which made them ridiculously hard to carve. We were going to go all out this year and make fun shadows to go along with our pumkins, but school has been a big pain in the rear and we were too exhausted last night to try to make it work. Oh well...I was going to make a cat shadow hovering over the mice and Adam was going to have Trick or Treat as his shadow.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting ready for the season

Its about that time of year again, where my husband and I go coocoo for creepy stuff. We love it: the horror movies,haunted houses,and mazes. Tomorrow night I am going to the witches festival up in Salt Lake with the girls =)I can't wait!
Adam and I also enjoy the good stuff: the candy, the costumes,and the pumpkin carving. We are especially excited this year to carve our pumpkins :) We got some good pickins early last week(Adam picked the short fat one and I picked the tall one). Adam actually wanted to carve his pumpkin last weekend but I told him if he did it wouldn't last for Halloween. He apparently "googled" it to make sure I was telling him the truth because I overheard him talking to one of his friends when he said, "So I was looking forward to carving pumpkins this weekend but my wife and google said not to." I just laughed cuz he googles everything.
So, I just made Adam these quick and easy pumpkin cookies to come home to, cuz they are a favorite of ours to make during the seasons. (They are AWESOME and do not contain butter!) I made them to cheer him up really cuz he had to meet with his lazy group tonight. He has been fed up with them b/c he has been doing all the work.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Disclaimer: Holly tells me she wants to use this blog as a journal of our adventures/experiences, so even the lame everyday stuff is gonna get put in here.

We got a Kitchen Aid mixer a couple of weeks ago as a wedding gift from our relatives. It's been sitting, or rather rolling around making horrible crashing noises while picking up several nice dents on the box, ever since. We didn't mean to let it sit in the car so long, intending to take it back to Macy's and trade it in for a different color or even upgrade it to a larger size. However, we are a couple of lazy bums and let the "school" excuse justify the thumping and sliding box which constantly rams the walls of the trunk everytime I make a turn. I guess you could say it was a daily reminder of the task we were supposed to do and yet continually procrastinated. Well today Holly and I said enough is enough and we took the expensive noise maker back to the store and up three flights of stairs for our refund. A few things happened once in the store. First: waiting around, holding a 50 lb box, for a customer service employee to materialize while other Macy's employees went about their business often glancing in our direction and giving us the, "I don't work that department" look. Second: when the customer service employee finally showed up and scanned the barcode on our mixer the computer showed the product was bought on sale for $120 dollars cheaper than what was printed on the box, and a full $220 (after mail in rebate) less than the cost of what the upgrade would be. Talk about a kick to the wallet (where the wallet is positioned between your legs). We asked them if we could just trade it in for a different color, black perhaps, but they told us this one only came in white....lovely. So, what do you do? We decided to take store credit instead and took our lovely little $191.78 gift card to the bedding section to find a ridiculously overpriced duvet cover. The one we landed on was a wonderful, shiny-grey $270 sheet that does nothing more than cover the down comforter which we bought at Costco for almost a third of that price. Lucky for us, some pimply-faced, minimum wage earning employee forgot to take down a forgotten sale sign that announced a previous (and not still current) price of $199. We jumped all over this and coupled with the fact that I had registered us at Macy's (although I never added anything to the registry, this is just a neat little trick to get discounts) we got an additional 10% off and would you believe our total came out to be $191.78, the exact amount of credit we got from the mixer trade in. Coincidence or what? So after walking in lugging a ridiculously heavy, overpriced but bought on sale mixer that turned my trunk into a maraca, we strolled out with an almost empty bag, containing a sewn piece of material probably made by a sweatshop worker in China. But who cares...we didn't have to pay for it. Boy am I gonna sleep good tonight.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adam and I decided not to do our hw this last weekend

This last weekend Adam and I decided we needed to do something fun since we usually just do homework. I finished my last test for the week friday night around 8:30 pm. Adam didn't finish his last test until saturday morning after his soccer game (which I froze my butt off watching in the snow!) After Adam got home he cleaned the house :) I know he is a sweetheart. Then, we decided we better get something to eat before we met up with Colby(One of Adam's mission companions) and his fiance. We pulled up to Del Taco since it was right by the place we were meeting. We both don't really like Del Taco but we decided we were too hungry to care. So we ordered and then got a phone call from Colby saying, "Hey, do you guys want to go out to dinner?" We were just about to pull up to the window..Adam looked at me and then I looked at him..then without hesitation Adam quickly drove through the drive through without stopping at either window. We both laughed about it after. We meet up with Colby and his fiance and decided to eat after we went to the Haunted Forest. His fiance was afraid she would get too scared and throw up her food. I realized she was serious when we got there, because she screamed and ran through the entire thing. I was getting a kick out of it because she was just as entertaining as the monsters. After, we ate at a sit down burger joint that was really good. Colby took pictures with my camera which didn't turn out because he forgot to turn the flash on. So, Adam and I took some silly pictures when we got home. Adam decided he wanted to follow up the haunted forest with a scary movie. We went over to Hollywood and rented the Boogieman and Adam told me the next morning that he had a nightmare about it lol.

Sunday, Adam and I went over to my aunts house and had dinner with the extended family. It was really nice to take a break from school the whole weekend. My uncle told this really spiritual experience that touched everyone. Then we watched the movie about Emma. I wish the weekend never ended!! I don't want to write my paper or study for my test :/

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our story

How it all began
Adam and I met in the Fall of 2007 at our BYU ward. We lived in the same apartment complex (good-old Belmont), the ghetto apartments south of campus, not the nice condos. Ironically, we are both from southern California. We had to come all the way to BYU to meet, when we lived like 3 miles away from each other back home (Adam is from Temecula and I am from Murrieta). When we first met I was in another relationship, but as fate would have it, Adam ended up winning my heart. I realized how perfect we were for one another. Adam is my best friend and the most sincere person I have ever known. He basically realized how lucky he was to have such an awesome girl in his life and knew he wanted to be with me forever and proposed to me on his birthday(March 11th). We got married August 16th 2008 which was a day full of overwhelming happiness and excitement. We are now currently living in Orem, while we finish up school at BYU. We are both studying psychology so we can analyze each other. We find time for fun even though we both have hectic schedules. Adam only has a year left of school, while I am trying to cram in classes to finish in a year and a half (Thats what happens when you switch your major too many times).

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