Friday, August 27, 2010

Our trip to Dallas

We wanted to go to the water park, or to six flags to carry on our anniversary celebration on Saturday, but we slept in and they both looked too crowded when we drove by. We decided to make a trip into the big city. I just have to say, it was not at all what I was expecting. I am so glad we do not live in Dallas, bc I discovered how ghetto it is on our visit Saturday. It was fun to experience for one afternoon. Not planning on going back. lol.

I liked all the big buildings, and there super crazy freeways. They have like four freeway bridges stacked on top of each other. I snapped these pictures (below) while we were driving through the city. I can't wait to get a NEW CAMERA. We are just waiting to earn a few more points to get the one we really want. We could just buy it b/c we have the money, but we want to take advantage of the reward points. Its fun taking pics on the droid, but I miss the quality of a nice camera. Still can't believe mine got stolen.

We drove around for a bit just looking at the buildings. Then, Adam realized how close his first area of his mission was: literally across the freeway bridge. He took me around his area. He showed me his first apartment. You can tell the missionaries still live there, b/c there is a picture of Christ in the window.
 Adam had me try out the taco place just down the street from this apartment. He and his companion use to walk here and get tacos often on the mish.
Look how scared I am. You would be too if you were trying Lengua for the first time. I took one tiny bite, and did not like it at all. I will probably never eat it again :/ I stuck to the barbacoa

After lunch we headed across the bridge back into the city. We parked and walked over to what should have been there underground mall, and discovered it was closed! Not only closed, but they no longer have shops. It is just full of restaurants down there, and is only open during the week. LAME!

We then ventured down the street to where JFK was shot. A big tourist spot. Some guy almost got hit b/c he was dumb enough to stand in the middle of the road, just to get a picture, while there was oncoming traffic.

 You can see the building the shooter was in best in this picture. It was on the 6th floor. We decided to go to the Galleria mall after. This mall was really neat. It has an ice skating rink inside and is 4 stories! I was a happy girl :)

 The Art of Can was going on while we were there. All these things are made out of Redbull cans. Pretty cool.

 Adam helped me find a cute new shirt and belt. I love getting stuff he likes to see me in.

Oh, and our movers came Friday. It's been a week now that we have had all our stuff.
I was happy to start cooking again!

The first two things I made once we got all our stuff were puff pancakes for brunch and orange pineapple chicken for dinner. This time, I was really craving a baked potato with it instead of rice. We are almost settled in. Everything is put away that can be! We need to buy an office desk, and a bedroom set. The drawers we already have are full and are going in the closest b/c I want black furniture instead of white. I have found a few bedroom sets I like, and a couple office desks. I'll see what Adam thinks when he gets home tomorrow. I'll take pictures soon. Every room is decorated besides our bedroom. I do want to add a few more things to the living room, so mom hold on just a little while longer okay! I know the anticipation is killing you :oP

Monday, August 23, 2010

2 year anniversary

Our anniversary was a week ago. I would have blogged about it sooner, but Adam deactivated his phone with all our pictures. He totally forgot about them. Its okay b/c he backed up everything on his phone, so they transferred over to his new phone that got activated last night. We both didn't know that they would be saved in the process, so when I found out he deactivated his phone I was really sad, and shed some tears. I know, pretty silly. It turns out those tears were for nothing!

Our anniversary was on Monday, so Adam had to work most of the day, but he surprised me with flowers! Very beautiful expensive flowers.  He didn't like any of the arrangements they had, so he had them put together one just to my liking! Very sweet. He answered the door when the guy delivered them, and was kinda bummed about it, but I didn't care (We had other stuff being delivered that day, and took turns getting the door). I cried when I read the card attached to them.  Tears of joy this time. ha. I love this boy so much, and he definitely loves me. It's been the best 2 years!!!!

After Adam finished up what he had to do for the day, we went out to eat at the most expensive restaurant I have ever eaten at. We were debating between Ruth's Chris or Chamberlains Steak and Chop House. They  both got really good reviews and were in the same price range. We decided to go with Chamberlains because it got a little bit better reviews.
We both got the peppered filet mignon. I got it with mashed pototoes and asparagus. Adam got it with creamed corn. It was very very tasty. The sauce they give you is to die for. Yum. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. You are treated SO differently at fancy dancy restaurants. I felt like I was the queen of the palace. ha. but seriously. Everyone who worked there must have made note it was our anniversary, b/c we had multiple people go out of there way to wish us a happy anniversary. They made me my favorite dessert (creme brulee) as an anniversary gift. They came out with champagne to celebrate but we had to refuse, obviously. It was a fun experience for sure. They had these yummy chocolate dinner mints located by the door on your way out. They tasted just like Andes. I liked everything about this place.

Adam had to be at a dealership in East Texas the next morning (which was a 3 hour drive), so after dinner we decided to drive down and get a hotel. We stayed in the nicest hotel they had around, which wasn't that nice compared to any Hilton or Marriot. I had Adam open my gifts there.
Because Adam can buy whatever he wants now, I decided to get him something more sentimental for our anniversary. I thought of 100 special/fun memories we have shared together over the past two years, and typed them out. I stuck them in this little jar. It was a tight squeeze for sure. I decorated the jar up a little bit with some things that were lying around, so it didn't cost me anything. He really REALLY enjoyed it. A lot of the things he had forgotten. It was good to refresh his memory. It was fun to look back on everything together. Adam even added things I had forgotten. We had a lot of fun with it. I would definitely recommend doing something like this if you haven't already.

His second little gift:

When we first got married Adam mentioned that we should buy some canvases and paint something. I love that we are both artistic. I presented him with this little set, so we can make that suggestion a reality.

We were glad to celebrate our 2 anniversary in Texas, officially living on our own! Texas is hot, but besides the heat,we love it here.

Last year we celebrated our anniversary in Hawaii

I wonder where we will celebrate next year. Mediterranean cruise? Wishful thinking probably, but it would be sweet. 

More updates soon. I need to get some more important things done first.

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