Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baby Girl

Adam is getting his baby girl! We found out on Tuesday, and we are SO so so SO excited!! Can't wait to meet our little girl. Let all the decorating for the nursery begin! Oh, and lots of shopping trips for baby girls wardrobe :)

It was a super windy day. That's why I am holding the balloons like that. I kept getting smacked by the balloons in the face. lol. I should know by now that Texas has a lot of windy days, but I just wanted to use balloons. You can't really tell they are pink. I didn't feel like editing.

There is going to be a lot of pink and purple things around here from now on. So fun!

p.s. Baby girl is EXTREMELY active. It looked like she was doing zumba moves during the whole ultrasound. I have feeling she is going to keep me up nights.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Was weeks ago. We had fun observing some of the people in their german attire more than others (Some women just love the excuse to dress inappropriately). We had fun walking around and passing by all the fair booths. We indulged in some german strudels, and had to bust out our umbrella b/c of the rain. We always enjoy visiting the town square though. Its the cutest place ever. We decided to escape the rain for a while and ate at our favorite burger place which is called Square Burger. Just look at all that goodness. I can never pass up their sweet potato fries.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Twenty Six

I officially feel old. My husband thinks I am being ridiculous, but I can't believe I am 26. Its totally weird to think I am approaching my 30's. I still feel like I am 20. Aren't you suppose to feel more mature as you age? For some reason people still think I am like 18yrs old, probably because I act younger than my age. Okay, not probably, I do act younger than my age. I still enjoy the look on people's faces when I tell them my age. No one ever believes me. When I was in the young women's presidency in my last ward, I got mistaken for a Laurel a couple times from people outside of our ward. A lady in my ward, who I didn't know that well because she was in the nursery, tried to hook me up with her son. She didn't realize I was old and married. lol Its all good. Last time I was at the airport, the lady at security was shocked when she found out my age. Sometimes it feels like I am actually lying. 

Anyways, my birthday was little over a month ago while I was still paa-uking! I took some medicine so we could spent the day together. I was spoiled with gifts from my sweet hubby. He let me get baby clothes, new fall boots, moisturizer at sephora, gourmet cupcakes, birthday lunch and dinner, clothes, and he surprised me with a nothing bunt cake and a gift card for a prenatal massage. I think he loves me a little bit. 

It was so nice just having a whole day to hang out together. It makes it convenient when your birthday is during a holiday weekend.

Just a few pictures from that lovely day:

I LOVE me some sweet potato fries.

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