Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The newest addition to our family! :)

Last Tuesday I picked up this cute puppy from an animal shelter out in Glen Rose. I saw him online, and just HAD to have him. The people at the shelter had named him peanut, but that name wasn't going to fly with us. I mean, he does kinda look like one with his size and color, but who wants to yell that name in public. It took us a while to come up with a good name. Adam wanted to name him Jack Bauer. ha. I told him no, because he is only going to double in size. Jack Bauer just doesn't fit for a small dog. We went through dozens of names and finally Adam decided on Charlie. I think it is perfect for our little pup!
He loves his kennel for napping and relaxing, but refuses to sleep in it during our bedtime. Instead, he curls right up next to our bed on my side. He just hates being too far from us. Isn't he just so cute? It's almost like he is posing for the camera in this picture.

 He is very playful, and loves taking walks. He sure gets a lot of walks! I walk him every morning before work, as soon as I get home from work, before I go to the gym, after the gym, and then he gets one right before bedtime. This isn't including times Adam takes him while he is home.

As of now, Charlie is a total chicken. I can tell he wants to play with other dogs, while we are out on walks, but once he gets close he gets all scared once they start barking. One time he ran behind me. He was even afraid of this big toad we found on our walk the other night. Come on Charlie, you are 10x bigger than Mr. Toad. He did attack a turtle last night, so maybe he is coming out of his shell. 

Every time either one of us takes a shower, Charlie runs in his kennel and rests till we are done. He really is a good dog (As good as a puppy can be). He can be a stinker at times. He is a pretty good listener. He understands that he needs to stop what he is doing when we say, "NO!" He pretty much only goes potty outside like a big boy. ha.He has had a couple slip ups. We had him going on newspaper in the bathroom (where is confined while I am gone) before he learned to hold it. I work from 8:30-4:30, so that's a long time for a pup to hold it. 

He loves playing with all his toys. He especially likes playing with his little football. He is our little football star. lol He fits in real well with us. He is definitely a keeper. It's been my life long dream to have a dog, and it finally is a reality!!! I am SO happy :) He keeps me good company while Adam is away.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Where did time go?

My brother just turned 21 today!!! I can't believe it. He is the best brother anyone could ever ask for (and I REALLY REALLY mean that). He is always giving compliments, and makes people around him feel so good. He has a BIG heart. He cares so much about others, and is ALWAYS willing to serve. He is a great example to me. He has always been so strong in the gospel. Blake has never been afraid to stick up for the church. He influenced a lot of guys from his track team in high school to take the missionary discussions. He will continue to be a good missionary after the mish, b/c he was a good one before the mish. He knows way more about the gospel than I do. I am jealous of his photographic memory!!! The only thing he knows more about is SPORTS. Oh how I miss watching games with him. He always made things more exciting. I LOVE YOU JOSEPH BLAKE SIMPSON. I sometimes forget my brothers first name is Joseph. I am so use to him going by his middle name. I still can't believe my baby brother is all grown up!! He only has 23 weeks left on his mission. The countdown begins.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The best thing that has ever been mine

Is my husband of course! I need to show him more often how much I love and appreciate him. This was my way of doing that today.

 These never stay around too long. This plate of muffins was devoured within the first hour Adam got home from work. :) It wont take long till the second plate is empty. 

Recipe (I only use 2 bananas)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts on a Thursday

I am in one of those weird funks today. I don't know what it is, but I don't feel like doing much at all.
I have watched multiple episodes of Life Unexpected, and searched online for desks, bedroom furniture, and cars. I haven't found anything new, but I feel like we will be settling on the things I picked out weeks ago. These things are kinda essential, so Adam and I need to make a decision soon (asap, as in tonight, tomorrow, this weekend). I really just don't want to think about it anymore. ha. To anyone that reads this, let me know your opinion on these. Sometimes I don't think of the whole picture, so other people's input is much appreciated. We like the idea of having storage space. This is why we were thinking of this bedroom set

Cons: kinda looks on the cheap side, and could easily get cluttered.

We like this desk, but the bottom drawer doesn't sit right. It is a little off the track. A small defect, but it could be really bothersome. They had three of them in the store, and they all were like that. It wasn't just the one desk. I wish.

I am sore from taking back to back classes at the gym last night, so I am not going to that turbo kick class tonight. I was going to bake shepherds pie, but I am in the mood for breakfast. Crepes will be our dinner tonight. Okay, so I am having an off day. I love the gym. I love to cook, or eat good food. I never crave breakfast for dinner. I think it just has to do with this week.

We are at the end of season two of 24. I can't wait to finish it. My husband has had a long week at work. Its been hard to catch up the last few days. I am seriously having withdrawals! Plus, his car broke down. Hence, looking for cars online. He has had to use my car this week. I ended up dropping off treats to the sisters I visit teach around 8:30 last night, b/c my partner canceled and I had to wait for my husband to get home. I don't like not having a car. Its been an adjustment this week. We are taking Adam's car in on Saturday to the place right across the street from where I am going to be working. I start Monday. My husband is flying to CA next week, so we need to figure out by the end of next week what we are going to do about his car. Fix it, if these people can (no one seems to know whats wrong with it, we have tried replacing diff things), or just buy a new one.

On a more positive note.........
I am really excited about Vampire Diaries this season, and I can't wait till season 3 of Castle starts. I am kinda excited about this job! I am just glad I don't have to work late hours, and I only work Mon, Wed, and Friday. I will get to go to all my favorite classes at the gym, have time to make dinner, and watch all my favorite shows. These things are like essential to me. ha. I also will have more time with my hubby (most importantly) and friends.

So the reason it has taken me a while to find a job is not because no one wants to hire me, but because it has taken me a while to realize what I want. I turned down several jobs, looking for a more laid back one. I got offered a career, but my end goal is to be a mom. I would have had to put in 50-60 hours a week and then eventually be running my own company. It would have been fun/stressful, I could have done it, but I am not looking for something like that. Plus, I want to be home on Saturdays, b/c my husband doesn't work Saturdays.This eliminated quit a few options. I decided I didn't want to be a teachers assistant, or dance instructor (jobs I talked about on facebook) b/c they could only give me like 15-18 hours a week (few hours a day). I'd rather not work at all. I don't have to. I would much rather work full time every other day, b/c I can actually go an do things on my days off. It also makes it easier to plan vacations!

Its funny, I loved the interviewing process. I am totally weird. I felt so confident, and got caught up in people liking/wanting me that I actually said I would do most of these jobs. Calling to turn them down was the hard part for me.

Some other exciting news is that we are looking for a puppy!! I have wanted one my whole entire life long existence! Just ask my mom. I always wrote puppy at the top of my Christmas list, in bold gigantic letters. I kinda want him. Peanut looks totally lovable!

Wow, so that was a lot of random material, along with some venting. I am not in a bad mood. I am just in an anxious mood to get things accomplished. I am also on the lazy side tonight b/c I am sore all over.

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend to anyone who might come across my blog. I am looking forward to it!! I am joyfully looking forward to it. I get to see my man, have my car back, and do some fun things. Hopefully, we will get to accomplish some things too :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Eats and Exploring

We wanted to do some exploring on Saturday. We got in our car with no destination in mind. It was kinda fun that way. We just took off and started driving. Adam picked a point on the map, and we headed towards it. We ran into this huge lake. It was absolutely a beautiful place. People use it for boating, fishing, going out on sale boats, etc. We are definitely going to hit this place up for some fishing. Its only like 10 min away.
                                    I love how green it is here. It makes the drive much prettier.

We drove over to the Gaylord Texan Resort and Hotel. What a name?! It is huge! I guess they have a really nice night club and atriums and stuff, but we didn't want to pay the $15 bucks to park just to take a quick look.

We went over to the Great Wolf Lodge next. Its a really cool place. You get to sleep in a wolf den. The whole inside looks like a forest with trees.

They have a really cool indoor waterpark.I guess they have an outdoor waterpark too.


They have story time every night, and give out nestle toll house cookies. Um, yes please! I look small enough to be a child right?

We went down stairs to check out all the stuff on these signs. Adam enjoyed the arcade. He showed off his mad guitar hero skills. Everything is so cute. Kids would eat this stuff up. They have this cute little spa for girls, where they get their nails painted (and what not). They get to wear these cute pink bathrobes and be just like "mommy." They have magic quest rooms all over for Harry Potter fans. You use your wand to go into these different rooms, and tackle each quest given. They have a teen club with gaming stations, and internet stations. They have all different types of sweets, and grub sold down there. They have a craft room, where they make t-shirts, bags, you name it. Definitely a fun place.

I wanted to make one last stop before we headed to lunch....
 We saw this cute little puppy at a pet store near our house. Its not going to get much bigger than this. Isn't so cute? I mean it looks just like a stuffed animal. I kinda wanted to take this one home. I want a bigger dog though. I either want a meagle (only if it is a good mix) or just a cute beagle.

Good Eats

Well its football season. Hip hip hooray!! One of our favorite times of the year. We went to BW's for lunch, so we could watch multiple games at once. It had been a while since both of us had eaten at Buffalo Wild Wings. I love their potato wedges, and a few of their wing sauces.

This was just enough for the two of us: 18 wings and a side of wedges. The best sauces: Jamaican Jerk, Spicy Garlic, and Honey BBQ. We both decided that we like the original wings better than the boneless. There is just more flavor with the original.

We came home and watched Post Grad and then headed over to Cheesecake Factory to drag out my birthday celebration. Its fine. I don't mind going out to dinner three weeks in a row. This Saturday we are going to Outback, to use the 25 dollar gift card my family got me.

We just love their avocado spring rolls. They are satisfying in every way. The sauce makes it.

Now this is what you come to cheesecake factory for, obviously! The two best flavors are sitting right in front of me. Both are not too rich, and just perfect the way they are. No changes needed. I've tried other flavors and they are good, but usually a little too rich or lacking in some way. You can never go wrong with original, topped off with a fruit sauce. (unless you buy it from the grocery store or something). It has to be quality stuff of course. The white chocolate raspberry is my favorite. Hence, the reason I had Judy Cook make that flavor at my wedding.

Adam didn't feel like smiling. Probably b/c I made him wait to bite into that small piece of what I call heaven.

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