Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun

Our ward Halloween party was tonight. They served soup and salad for dinner. I was kinda hoping for chili and cornbread. They always had chili contest in my family ward growing up.  We tried to go all out with our costumes. My husband decided to by a vampire.

I don't know what to call myself here. Drag queen? ha. I was going for dark fairy.

I think the corset was a little much. It made me look bigger. I thought they were suppose to make you look slim and slender?!? 

My husband likes my costume better without the corset. I think I do too. It was a little out of place.

Our pumpkin that we carved during the ward party a.k.a Jack. We are so original.

We were starving after the ward party, so we stopped by Rubios. We got there 10 minutes before closing. We thought they were closed when we pulled up. The Manager was outside, and looked like he was locking up. Adam started running towards him, in his costume mind you, shouting, "are you closed?". Adam kept asking this b/c the manager just kept staring at him with a blank look. The manager finally said they were still open. Adam thinks that the manager was afraid that Adam was trying to rob the place. I mean it was Thursday night. Who dresses up for Halloween two nights before Halloween, and goes to Rubios? 

We took some pictures as we waited for our meal. All the people who were working at Rubios came out to see us in our costumes. A bunch of Mexicans popped out from the back. We were glad that we could provide some entertainment. The girl who took our order could not stop staring. She had Adam repeat our order to her, because she was so intrigued with our costumes that she forgot to punch it in the first time.

Overall it was a good Thursday night. Our night class was cancelled, so we had no school.  That is always a plus.  We are actually planning to ditch school tomorrow, so we can have a four day weekend. We both love Halloween..  We have been celebrating for the last three weeks now, by watching 2 scary movies each week. We have also eaten a bunch of candy. Adam ate 7 Reeses in one sitting, and then ate half of my king size payday bar.   We eat way too much junk. Idk how we stay skinny. I need to make pumpkin pie again this year. Maybe I will do that tomorrow.  

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thanks Whitney for sharing!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smarty Pants Dance

I actually enjoyed the winning AFV video tonight. Usually the winning video is super lame.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good thoughts on a Saturday--well, technically Sunday

l love Saturdays for all these reasons:
*No school 
*football games
*I have time to cook good, hearty, meals
*gym (the Zumba instructor on Saturdays is the best)
*Our movie marathons
*putting off all hw and studying till Sunday night
*having time to get the house in order and do laundry
Then knowing that the next day is Sunday and that I get to sleep in! 

Things We are looking forward to:
My parents and my uncle from Maine are coming to visit next month
Also, Celine and Cameron will be in Utah next month
In 9 weeks we will be done with school and moving to CA

I don't care if I get straight A's this semester (which takes away a lot of stress). I am still going to get good grades but there is a huge difference in amount of effort needed to get an A over and A- at BYU, and I really don't feel like putting in the extra effort.  This has to do with senioritis and the fact that we already walked. Also, it really doesn't matter.

This post is really random probably because its 1:40 AM +

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