Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pictures with my bro before the mish

We ate out A LOT! Olive Garden was a must....

Here we are out at Brick Oven...

We went to IHOP on the day they were giving away free pancakes and DIDN'T have to wait in line :).....

The whole gang at IHOP...

We snuck out of Blake's party to take a picture with the pretty mountains.....

On our way to take Blake to the MTC....

Blake entering the MTC.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

I can't believe it!!

My brother goes into the MTC on wednesday!!!! Time flies! My family flew in friday night and are staying till Thurs morning. Its been fun having them up here. We had a huge party yesterday form my brother. Tons of people crammed in my grandma's house. I am glad people kept coming and going cuz we all wouldn't have been able to fit if everyone came at once.

The only downfall right now, is that my school performance is suffering. These upper level classes are killer. Tests every week, quizes every other day, TONS of reading, papers, assignments, group projects, research (times that by five). I want to shoot myself at times. I can't wait to graduate in the fall. Thats the plan, cross your fingers. I got a scholarship for spring and summer term, so no vaction :/ 

I only have a couple more days to hang out with my brother before he leaves for two years. We are making them memorable for sure. Pictures soon to come (hopefully..I haven't been using my camera) Also, I can't believe my little sister is going to college in the fall. I feel OLD!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

YAY for breakfast in BED!! :) My sweet husband made me strawberry crepes (my favorite!) He has started a tradition of taking me to go see chick flicks on v-day. We went to go see He is Just Not That Into You, and were forced to share a seat. :/ It was so crowded. Thank goodness we are both small! It was a really good movie though. The weather sucked! It unfortunately snowed which kept us in doors.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Early V-DAY gifts

We got a package in the mail today from Adam's parents. They sent us a very cute card a long with a this dancing love machine man (They said they got it because he looks like Adam) haha I think he kinda does too!! Adam can't quite dance like him though... doesn't stop him from trying haha, he has been dancing around sporadically singing, "I am just a love machine." Thanks in-laws lol.

We went to see's candy and picked out a pound of chocolate today. YUM. I can't wait to dig into it. We also got a couple things of sparkling apple cider.

AND Adam came home this evening with the lovely pink roses! :D
Love the flowers babe!

Haven't quite decided what we are doing for v-day yet. Any ideas? We were going to go stay at Little America and eat their fancy brunch, but didn't want to drop that kind of money right now.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sexual Harassment

After our sex and gender class was over today, Adam and I met with our group to discuss ideas for our project. Our group liked the idea that Adam and I came up with together the best, so they wanted us to go get it approved from our teacher...
So, Adam and I go up to the teacher and start discussing our idea with her. She looks down at my ring and says, "You're married!!" (Like something wasn't right). I looked at her confused and said, "Ya, he is my husband, pointing over at Adam." She gasped and said with relief, "OH GOOD!!" Then preceded to say, "I saw him touch your butt and I thought it was sexual harassment, and thought I had to intervene and report it." Adam and I started laughing because neither one of us remembered him touching my butt. When you get married, these actions turn into automatic responses. We said that we would try to keep the PDA down a notch. We thought it was hilarious.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Watch out for "Crazy" at Denny's

This is the HUGE line we waited in. The line wrapped all the way around the building. We almost didn't stay because Adam and I both had class at 12:05 and figured it would take more than an hr. and a half. (We arrived at 10:30). I walked up to the front of the line and asked how long those people had been waiting, and to my surprise, they answered 30 min. Adam, Erika, and I decided WHY NOT..the weather isn't too bad and its not everyday you get free food right? So we waited in line which gave Erika and I the chance to catch up since we don't see each other very often, which was nice. Adam ran into one of his good friends and his ex-girlfriend. There were a lot of BYU students hanging out, so it was fun.

However, there was an insane woman in front of us in line (If you look at the picture at the top...she is the lady in the bottom left corner). She was like the line Gestapo. She wouldn't let anyone get by her, who she assumed was cutting or joining their party. I thought there was going to be a smack down at one point. She would get all up in peoples faces. Everyone around us was scared of her...i'm not kidding. The people behind us had a few people joining up in their group and worried the lady would go all crazy on them. So they kept letting people go ahead of them, hoping the lady wouldn't notice when their other friends arrived.

So we get inside and they are handing out coupon booklets. This "crazy" lady pretended she was handing them out to people, and got a huge handful and shoved them in her pocket (TOTAL HYPOCRITE). She even grabbed another handful later. Adam swore she was homeless and that the other lady who was with her had picked her up off the street. Erika actually overheard "Crazy" talking with this other lady...and found out they both came alone...and crazy had invited herself to sit with this other woman. So she was not homeless after all..just Crazy!

One of the boys who was waiting on his other friends went inside to use the bathroom. When he came out he came up to us and said, "Man that crazy lady has got some issues" or something to that extent, not realizing that the lady was right behind him. He turned around because Erika and I were pointing and giving him the signal to stop talking, and realized what had just happened (You should have seen the look on his face). He immediately began saying, "no the OTHER crazy lady"He was totally embarrassed and went back into the bathroom to hide LOL. Luckily right after the incident it was Crazys turn to be seated.

Needless to say, Crazy was the highlight of the day. We couldn't stop laughing. So we were glad we waited in line after all. Adam and I were 30 min late to class but it was no biggie.

Adam hates pictures especially in the morning. What a butt! He pulled down his hood right before Erika took the picture.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Denny's serving free Grand Slams on Feb 3rd

Denny’s will give away a free Grand Slam breakfast Tuesday, Feb. 3 from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. at all its locations.

The dine-in only breakfast includes two pancakes, two eggs, two links of sausage and two strips of bacon. Denny's sells more than 12.5 million Grand Slams a year.

Customers on Tuesday also will receive a coupon booklet that includes offers for additional free menu items with purchases. Also, Denny's customers can "Slam It Up" by adding any two additional items for 99 cents each.

"The Grand Slam has always been a Denny's favorite," said Nelson Marchioli, Denny's chief executive officer, in a news release. "This free offer is our way of re-acquainting America with Denny's real breakfast and with the Denny's brand. You don't know the real Denny's unless you've been in our restaurants lately, experiencing the quality of our new menu items and our service first-hand."


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