Friday, December 18, 2009

IM DONE/ disowned some family

I just have to let some excitement out. I finished my last final last night, and I am proud to say that I am officially a BYU graduate! YES!!! No more SCHOOL for me :) I graduated with honors too (top 15% in my graduating class). I honestly never thought that would happen, so I thought I would brag just a little. WHOO HOOO!!

I accomplished my life long dream, and now I can tell my future children that I have a degree. I have always valued education, and hope my children do too.

  NOW WHAT?!?!?
Well Adam and I have already moved! ha. We had to move during finals week. A little stressful to say the least. We moved in ONE NIGHT (stayed up till 4am moving). It was due to family issues. Ex family members (on my mom's side of the family) started tampering with our stuff (turned off our water heater and took our power cord for the internet, so we wouldn'y have any). I say ex because we officially disowned them. They said a lot of stuff that they now regret. They treated Adam and I so badly and pissed a lot of other family member off because of what they did. I just hate that they are putting my grandma in a home. They D.I.ed all her stuff and told her she can never live in her home again. They are control freaks and basically kicked Adam and I out because they couldn't wait 3 days (until finals were over). Oh and none of Grandma's siblings are allowed to stay there anymore, when they come up to visit. It's getting rediculous, but it's okay because we don't ever have to see or talk to them again. It's just too bad that people like to take their frusterations out on nice people. Adam and I still do not know why they did all that stuff to us. We never even see these people or talk to them, until family reunions or holidays.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE: Adam and I are leaving for Ohio on the 23rd! We really, REALLY, REALLY can't wait. Adam has the nicest family in the entire world. I feel bad that I can't say the same about some of my ex extended family. I just can't believe the way they treated both of us. If I wrote down everything they said you would be shocked, and i mean SHOCKED. This wasn't just they said some mean things. NO it was beyond AWFUL. A lot of people who heard what they did, say they are going straight to hell.

Anyways, after Ohio we get to move back to CA!!! I am so excited for warm weather!! I miss the sun. It has been a winderwonderland down here. I do not like the snow anymore! Its just too cold.

We have been in school/ finals mode and have even forgotten it's Christmas time. Christmas is in a week. That is CRAZY. Last night Adam and I went caroling at the cove point retirement center with our psych 330 class. It was so much fun. The old people there were so grateful that we came to sing to them. One cute old lady started blowing us kisses. We were offered Belgium chocolate by another lady. Afterwards, we went to our teacher's house for treats. I have never seen a more decorated house in my life. There seriously couldn't have been more decorations inside. We had a lot of fun. It was the first Christmasy thing that Adam and I have done this year (well besides going to temple square with my parents to see the lights-which by the way was disspointing this year b/c they cut back on lights. They probably only used half as many as they did last year).

Sunday, December 6, 2009

See if you can see this

THE SNOW ON MY BLOG! Do you see it floating around? Pretty sweet huh?! It snowed today in Orem and now its snowing on my blog. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This and that

Yesterday was my parents last day with us. They made their trek down to CA today. Last night we decided to hit up some Cafe Rio and the Creamery after our trip to the DMV. 

I just want to say that there is a night and day difference between the people who work at the Utah DMV compared to the Califronia DMV. Everyone is super nice and helpful AND you don't have to wait to talk to someone on the phone or wait in line. That it right. There are NO lines. We all know that people who work at the California DMV hate their job and they want you to know it every time you call or come in. 

RANT ABOUT THE STUPID CA DMV: They have been so rude to Adam and my father over the phone and in person with my dad. For some reason they suspended my license because they didn't process our insurance for my car, yet they processed it for Adams? We had our insurance send the document THREE times. I paid my registration and the suspension fee early and waited for my sticker. It never showed up. We called and they said they still didn't have proof of insurance. Our insurance sent the document again showing I have been insured this whole time. My dad went into the DMV in California to get my sticker and waited in line TWO HOURS (because my car is registered in CA and the plan was for my parents to drive my car back to CA but we still needed the sticker) He left empty handed. They refused to give it to him. Adam and I checked my status online that day, which was two days before Thankgiving, when my dad stood in line. You have to type in your license plate number and such and it said that my insurance had been processed and my fees paid. SO FRUSTRATING! Adam called the DMV after the Thanksgiving Holiday. The people at the CA DMV said there was nothing that could be done and that I shouldn't drive my car back CA. We called the Utah DMV and they said all I needed was a 96 hour permit and were really nice and actually HELPFUL. Thank goodness. My parents were able to drive my car down safely without any tickets. Tickets for registration are like $550. No thank you!

Anyways, back to Cafe Rio. My mom thought she would be disappointed with the pork salad, but we knew that couldn't possible happen. She tried some other things at Cafe Rio years back and didn't care for the things she got, so she has always hated Cafe Rio. She was surprised and very much like her pork salad. :)

Who doesn't like the creamery? I am going to miss their ice cream and kids meals when we finally get out of here. It was so much fun having my family come up. We had THREE Thanksgiving parties with both sides of the family. We had an early Christmas, since we will be spending Christmas with Adam's family in Cincinnati, Ohio! We can't wait :) Yay for new sweaters, beanies, clothes, a warm wool jacket, and 6 xbox games! I forgot to mention that we have had company for the last month!! School and cleaning have been neglected for about that long. We have some serious catching up to do!

some thanksgiving pictures:

Adam throwing the ball. He is a pretty good quarterback.


I am sure you all know that IN-N-OUT opened last month in Orem, UT. It is about time! I am glad we were able to enjoy the experience. We actually waited a week before getting in line. The line seriously was rediculous. The first day they had like 12 people taking orders outside because there were more than 60 cars in the drive through line. It stayed this way until week 2. This is when we ventured over there. We waited about 20 min in the drive through line. Not too bad. 

This is when we were half way there...

We finally made it. It was well worth the wait.

Neopolitan shake, fries, and two cheeseburgers with grilled onions. YUM

I was just proud because I made these from scratch a month and a half ago (the chili sure doesn't look as good as it tasted!). Chili is not that difficult to make. We love chili and baked potatoes. I decided to bake them together in the oven this time. Usually we make them separate, and the chili comes from a can. They turned out great. Especially for making them in between classes.

These are lemon cookies that were made from a lemon cake mix. The icing was the only thing made from scratch. Just add a little lemon juice to a regular frosting recipe basically. They were very sweet. I love anything lemon. Lemon bars, lemon meringue pie, lemon bark, lemon cookies, sour cream pie from marie calendars.........YUM 

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