Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Orleans part 1

We planned this vacation at the beginning of this year, and I just barely made the cruise's pregnancy deadline. Obviously when we booked it, we didn't know I would be expecting.  You are allowed to cruise up to 24 weeks. You can't be further along when you get off the ship, so you have to be 23 weeks when you start. I had a couple weeks to spare, being 21 weeks when we got on the ship.

It was so wonderful to be able to go on vacation with our parents. We do not get to see them very often, since we life so far away. I think its awesome that we all get a long so well. It was SO much fun! We were all able to relax and spend a lot of quality time together.

We cruised out of New Orleans to Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, and Cozumel. We could have cruised out of Galveston, but none of us had been to New Orleans. We decided to hang out there for a few days and explore the city.

Adam spoiled us and booked us rooms at the Woldorf Astoria Hotel, since it was walking distance from everything.

Here is some pictures of our stay in New Orleans:

My mom liked using the old telephone

Adam's parent's room was directly across from ours

I didn't take many photos of the hotel, but it was really pretty.

Adam was in love with the wrap around porches

Bands playing all the time

We saw two wedding processions that night.

My airplane hair. I never dried my hair that morning. I know it looks gross.

Napoleon House! My mom has a friend who lives in New Orleans, and she told us to eat at this place. The food was SOO good, and the prices were very reasonable. I would highly recommend eating here. It had a great atmosphere as well. Our waiter was from southern CA. We had fun joking around with him.

They have some interesting shops out there

creepy voodoo dolls

Another recommendation from my mom's friend was Cafe Du Monde. It was a fun place to go to at night. We got beignets and hot cocoa.

My mom texting her New Orleans friend.

Everything was yummy. They put sooo much powdered sugar on the the beignets. We made a mess lol.

Some other randoms pictures:

 It was hard to take pictures at night, since it was so dark.

Must be in New Orleans... Adam told me to go stand by the alligator for a picture. I read the apron after.

For all you BIG fans

Drinking our light breakfast before getting on the cruise. We didn't want to fill up on anything, since we knew we could stuff our faces soon. lol

 Cruise pictures will be on the next post.

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