Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Charlie is now a year old. Time flies. He got some new toys, and had a gourmet treat for the first time. I think he had a pretty good birthday, until we left him to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the USA vs Mexico soccer game. Oh, and I am pretty sure he didn't like taking a bath on his birthday either.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Parents came out to visit

Charlie loved my dad! He could not get enough of him. I was proud of myself for catching Charlie's leap in action. My dad pointed to my mom and told Charlie to go get her, and he leaped right into her lap. lol We let him be naughty while my parents were here. He isn't allowed on the couch, but we made an exception for them. He is a good dog. We didn't have to worry about him being naughty after they left.

 We spent Friday afternoon at our salt water pool. They loved it. They kept saying it was like a resort. It is a pretty nice pool. We had fun swimming and laying out. After we got ready for the day, I took them around Southlake. They bought a few things at Nordstrom rack, and Central Market. For dinner we went to Joes Pasta and Pizza. A patient had recommended it to me. I thought it was really good, and the prices were unbelievable. We all got drinks, salads, and an entree. The total cost was around $25 bucks.

They have lots of snow cone stands where we live. We like to get ours with some ice cream on the bottom. They are really good because they make them with really fine ice. Reminds me of Matsumoto. Obviously, it is not the same

Saturday morning we took them to our favorite Texas breakfast place. Everything is always fantastic here!

Later on that day we went to the Stockyards.

 We ate so much Blue Bell ice cream. We have 3 1/2 gallon tubs in our freezer (Rocky Road, Coconut Fudge, and Butter Crunch)
 A man riding a Cow. Really? Come on now.
 I am not sure why my mom wanted a picture with John Wayne, but we took one.

 My head looks so small. lol

 For dinner, we took my parents to our favorite burger joint.

On my parents last day with us, we relaxed and hung out at home most the day. We went swimming and relaxed by the pool. Later that night we visited the Dallas temple on our way to eat at Babe's for dinner.

Wish they could have stayed longer! Glad I was able to have Friday and Saturday off from work, so I could spend 3 full days with my parents. They flew in Thursday night, and left Monday morning. We had so much fun. Miss them already!

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